Mexico Ranch Vacations Photo Journey

July 10, 2013

Peaceful meadows, colorful local markets, flowering cacti, charming villages, ancient haciendas, and Mexican hospitality... these are just some things you may experience on Mexico horseback riding vacations.

The below photos come to us from Rancho Las Cascadas, a Mexico horseback riding vacation ranch on a central Mexican mountain plateau. This guest ranch is bordered by three waterfalls-- Las Cascadas-- that give the ranch its name. It is located just 90 minutes North of Mexico International Airport.

Depending on the time of year you visit, you'll see a variety of flora and fauna, including fragrant African mimosa trees. The terrain surrounding the ranch is diverse. You could visit several times and not ride the same trail twice. 

These ranch photos take you through the diversity of horseback riding in Mexico at Rancho Las Cascadas, a Top 20 Ranch pick.

mexico horseback riding tours

A rider passes through a beautiful flower filled meadow at Rancho Las Cascadas, where guests can choose from over 30 different trail rides.

mexico horseback riding vacations photos

Trails are fast paced, relaxed, demanding or easy. Travelers may find themselves cantering across open plains, climbing the surrounding mountaintops for spectacular views, crossing rivers, and more with Rancho Las Cascadas

mexico horseback riding rancho las cascades

Trail Ride rocky hillsides to reach high spots and ride through canyons, open countryside and archeological sites.

mexico horses rancho las cascadas

Horses at Rancho Las Cascadas are a mix of Quarter Horse and Criollo and outfitted with locally made tack.

 local color and culture in our local market in Jilotepec mexico

Guests may visit the local market in Jilotepec and other small villages, where you can get an authentic taste for life in Mexico. 

charro mexico horses rancho las cascadas

Travelers visiting the ranch may meet the Charro, the horseman of Mexico and heirs to centuries-old horse traditions.

rancho las cascadas mexico ranch vacation horseback

 The countryside in this part of Mexico is dotted with boutique farms, where horse or oxen drawn plows may still be used to cultivate the land.

mexico horseback riding vacations

There is a variety of varied terrain to explore. Riders pass by grassy hills, narrow stream valleys, volcanic outcrops, and fertile farmlands.


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