Equitrekking on Public Television: TV Schedule

Look for the Emmy Award-winning Equitrekking TV show on Public Television stations across the nation and on Create TV.

Learn about Equitrekking's 33 high definition episodes.

To find out when Equitrekking airs in your area, please visit PBS.org and enter your zip code. Next, select your local affiliate. You will likely have several local affiliate options. Stations typically post their schedules two weeks in advance. As with any television program, Equitrekking broadcasts in seasons and re-runs intermittently.

Read about Equitrekking's latest news and check out a press releases in the Media Section of Equitrekking.com.

Equitrekking Video Promos

To embed this clip on your site or syndicate other Equitrekking video clips, visit EquitrekkingTV on YouTube.

Please visit PBS.org and enter your zip code to check your local Public Television station listings. Equitrekking is distributed to PBS station through APT, American Public Television, a prime source of programming for the nation's public television stations. Programs distributed by APT include Rick Steves' Europe, Globe Trekker, America's Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia's Italy, Pavarotti: Salute Petra, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and Spain...on the road Again.