Travel Tips

Expert travel tips for horse lovers, including preparing for your horse riding vacation, sample packing lists for dude ranch and riding vacations, “green” trail riding and more.


Cattle Drive Vacation Travel Tips from the Experts

September 18, 2017
Want to experience a cattle drive on your vacation? Two experts weigh in on how to choose an authentic experience, what to pack and how best to enjoy this diverse adventure. by Darley Newman You may have seen us driving cattle on the Equitrekking TV show. We've worked cattle in… Read more »

10 Cappadocia Travel Tips for Equestrians

March 13, 2015
Cappadocia horseback riding travels take you through exotic terrain for history, culture, food and adventure! by Darley Newman If you’re into exotic adventures on horseback, Cappadocia, Turkey is a fascinating destination to explore. It was on my bucket list for horseback riding vacations and I’ve since been back twice to… Read more »

Ranch Vacation Packing List- Printer Friendly

March 10, 2014
Don't forget these items for your dude ranch vacation. Click here to download a pdf for a more condensed, printer-friendly version of the dude ranch packing list. by Darley Newman After taking ranch vacations in Alberta, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Colorado and beyond, I've become an expert on what to… Read more »

10 Ways to Groom Your Vacation Horse for a Better Vacation!

August 18, 2013
You are heading out for a dream vacation on horseback. How do you pack, and what do you need to think about before you go? What do you need to figure out when you get there? No worries, I have a handy checklist for you. by Liv Gude Before you… Read more »

Family Ranch Vacation Travel Tips

November 4, 2012
Bringing your family or a group on a ranch vacation? Here are 10 great tips to help ensure it's smooth sailing and fun for your entire group. by Darley Newman Whether you are renting a ranch or taking a group on a getaway for a special occassion like a corporate… Read more »

Eight Reasons to Go to Your Local Horse Festival

October 5, 2012
How to get the most out of the equine expos and equestrian fairs near you. by Karen Braschayko If you’re anything like me, the process of attending a horse fair or expo goes like this: I spot event information online or receive the flyer in my mailbox. I get really… Read more »

10 Tips for Leave No Trace Horse Riding

September 18, 2012
How you can hit the trail without harming nature. Here are 10 tips to use anywhere you ride. by Karen Braschayko Many Equitrekkers wish to change the natural world as little as possible, taking nothing and leaving no trace behind while still enjoying the brilliant scenery and thrilling experiences only… Read more »

House Swaps for Horse Lovers

May 13, 2012
Interested in traveling the world but horses are keeping you at home? Ever considered a house swap with a fellow horse owner? What about swapping homes with someone who lives in a place you’ve always wanted to ride? by Darley Newman After hearing from horse owners who’ve watched Equitrekking and… Read more »

What is Western horse riding? - Travel Tips

December 8, 2011
Taking a dude ranch vacation? Learn about Western riding and hear a beginner's take on what it's like to ride Western style. by Darley Newman Many people who are new to horseback riding wonder about differences between English and Western riding. In our Equitrekking Great American Ranches TV special, we explored… Read more »

Horse Safari Packing List & Tips

August 22, 2011
What to pack and what to leave at home for your horseback safari in Africa. by Darley Newman After experiencing four different horse safaris in diverse areas of Botswana, I’ve gotten a good handle on what to pack for your horseback safari. You definitely want to pack lightly and practically.… Read more »