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A Horse Racing Family‚Äôs Perspective on “Breakdown”

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — May 3, 2012
A former professional female jockey from a horse racing family responds to The New York Times BREAKDOWN series.  Raina and her ex-racehorse, Bahamut / ©Edgar Paucar The recent articles in The New York Times series: BREAKDOWN Death and disarray at America’s racetracks is highly disturbing to many people who have… Read more »

Bombproofing Bahamut Part III

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — March 21, 2012
"It’s In The Bag." My horse training tips and desensitizing exercises. An essential technique for retraining your ex-racehorse is "bombproofing,"  or "sacking out," which is a series of desensitizing exercises. Working with my OTTB, off the track Thoroughbred, Bahamut is an adventure. I like to challenge him with various objects… Read more »

Race2Ring Comes to the Rescue of Ex-Racehorses

Expert Equestrian Articles — January 24, 2012
According to statistics released by The Jockey Club, approximately 25,000 U.S. Thoroughbred foals were born in 2011. Only a small percentage of these will become successful racehorses. Have you ever wondered where they will go after their racing careers end?  by Raina Paucar As horse lovers, we all want to… Read more »