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Photographing Wild Konik Horses in the Netherlands

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 5, 2018
Wild horse photographer PJ Kaszas shares her experience photographing wild Konik horses in the Netherlands.  by PJ Kaszas It's not every trip that you get to stay in a tower like a princess--but if you happen to find yourself in Lelystad, Netherlands, you can. You can then wander around the… Read more »

Sand Wash Basin, Colorado Wild Horses Photo Journey

Equestrian Travel Articles — September 6, 2013
Photographer Jim Westin shares his romantic images of wild horses running free on public lands in Colorado.  by Jocelyn Pierce All photos are by Jim Westin Jim Westin is a retired commercial photographer and self proclaimed “homeless-drifter” who has been wandering across the United States for the past three years,… Read more »

Mustangs and Mud: Volunteering at a Wild Horse Sanctuary

Equestrian Travel Articles — July 15, 2012
My unique experience caring for wild horses at Monero Mustangs in New Mexico. by Angela Calabro When I first drove up to the gate of Monero Mustangs, a wild horse sanctuary in New Mexico, I saw several groups of mustangs roaming around freely on the other side of the fence.… Read more »

Chaz - The Mustang from White Sands, New Mexico

Expert Equestrian Articles — November 6, 2011
The history of wild horses at White Sands and Chaz, a Mustang who found a home- a wild horse adoption success story! Story by Steve Simmons, Photographs Supplied by the Joe and Merrill Hancock Family.  White Sands Wild Horse History The wild horses of White Sands, New Mexico had lived… Read more »

The Mustangs at McCullough Peaks- History and Legend

Darley's Travel Blog — February 23, 2010
Tracking Wild Mustangs in Wyoming by Darley Newman With binoculars in hand, Ken (Kenny) Martin and I are looking across the badlands in search of "The Wild Bunch," one of a few bands of horses that Kenny has been watching for the past six years.  War Bonnet is the dominant… Read more »