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Trail Ride Bucket List

Equestrian Travel Articles — January 3, 2018
Equitrekking contributor and equestrian travel expert Stacey Stearns shares her ultimate trail riding bucket list.  By Stacey Stearns "Bucket list" is an informal noun defined as “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.” I don’t have a regular bucket list,… Read more »

A Day at the Mongolian Horse Races

Darley's Travel Blog — July 10, 2013
Mongolia is a destination that I've been hoping to visit for quite some time. Of course, summer is the best time to visit Mongolia, a landlocked country in East and Central Asia bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, east and west. Mongolia is the 19th largest and… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Riding Vacations-Part I

Expert Equestrian Articles — July 7, 2013
Learn about “green” horseback riding holidays, where eco-tourism principles benefit the environment and local people. by Jocelyn Pierce As the environment becomes more exploited and vulnerable, ecotourism is a way for travelers to lessen their footprint while learning about sustainability and the importance of the preservation of the natural world.… Read more »