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My Top Three Romantic Horse Riding Vacations: Spain

Darley's Travel Blog — February 14, 2012
Spain's mountains, beaches and beautiful Andalusians make for a hot, romantic combo. by Darley Newman Riding Andalusians on beaches and through meadows of sunflowers is a fantasy ride for many. Combine all of that with amazing food, wine and flamenco dancing and you've got one romantic ride. Where to go:… Read more »

Explore 5 Great Horse Riding Trails & Stables in the DC Metropolitan Area

Equestrian Travel Articles — November 21, 2011
The leaves are changing vibrant oranges, yellows and reds and the air has adopted a new chilly tinge—what better time than now, as we approach the onset of winter, to catch a horseback trail ride! Read on for Equitrekking’s 5 great options for parks and stables in D.C. and the… Read more »

Meet Your Host - Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch

Meet Your Host — November 9, 2011
Outdoor grilling, story telling, horse riding, fresh mountain air and relaxation... Sound like a good time to you? It sure did to the May Family, who left their corporate stock broker jobs to start a Colorado guest ranch over 20 years ago. They haven't looked back.   Located in McCoy, Colorado,… Read more »

San Carlos, Costa Rica - Exploring on Horseback

Darley's Travel Blog — October 2, 2011
Ride the pineapple fields and into the Platanar RIver to cool off in this Equitrekking travel video clip. by Darley Newman San Carlos, Costa Rica is an area made famous by Arenal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. We went horseback riding to Arenal, but also… Read more »

Horse Riding in Quebec in Autumn - Viewing the Changing Leaves

Darley's Travel Blog — September 28, 2011
Viewing the changing leaves of autumn on horseback is a special treat. Check out these photos of riding amid the changing leaves in Quebec. by Darley Newman Fall is a special time to ride... one of my personal favorites. We filmed horse riding in Quebec in the fall amid a… Read more »

YQA - Global Equestrian Fashion & Style

Darley's Travel Blog — April 3, 2011
Global equestrian fashions we've photographed on the road... Equitrekking! by Darley Newman In our travels filming for Equitrekking, we like to fit in with the locals, which sometimes means picking up or borrowing some equestrian clothing and riding gear. From bombachas in Uruguay to keffiyehs in Jordan, here are a… Read more »

Morgan Horses for Trail Riding

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 5, 2011
Trail Riding on Morgan Horses Take one of those flashy Morgan show horses out on the trail, “What? You say!” “Well, yes,” say those of us who have been using this original American breed on the trails for years. The Morgan makes a wonderful trail and family pleasure horse and… Read more »

5 Things I Love- An Equestriennes’ New Year’s Resolutions

Darley's Travel Blog — December 29, 2010
Here are five things I plan to do to become not only a better rider, but a better horsewoman in 2011.  by Darley Newman, Equitrekking's host & producer In thinking about 2011, I have certain equestrian goals or shall we say "resolutions"- tis the season!  1. Take more lessons It's… Read more »

Belize Rainforest Riding

Darley's Travel Blog — September 24, 2010
I suggest that you wear all terrain boots if you venture to ride in Belize or any rainforest area. They can be good for a lot of riding travel adventures where you may have to do some hiking, like down the slippery rocks that lead to Big Rock Falls in… Read more »

Mount Juliet Irish Sport Horses, Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — September 9, 2010
Riding the stately grounds of Mount Juliet Estate in Ireland, I could imagine myself in a period film. I was on a civilized ride, meandering along the sixteen miles of bridle paths on the estate grounds. My guide Eleanor suggested that we ride our horses into the river for a… Read more »