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Therapeutic Riding at CHAMP in Vermont

Expert Equestrian Articles — November 26, 2013
CHAMP is a therapeutic riding program located in Vermont providing riders and volunteers with an enriching and unforgettable experience. by Jocelyn Pierce with photos from Sarah Rosedahl 7-year-old Alex was struggling to adjust in school. Banned from the lunchroom and playground for fighting, and written up 11 times for bad… Read more »

Volunteering with Donkey Assisted Therapy for Kids

Expert Equestrian Articles — March 17, 2013
Learn about what it's like to be a volunteer for Donkey Assisted Therapy from Sarah Faulkner, a Saturday volunteer at The Donkey Sanctuary’s Centre in Sidmouth. by Sarah Faulkner I am a volunteer at The Donkey Sanctuary's Donkey Assisted Therapy (DAT) Centre in Sidmouth and have been helping with the monthly… Read more »

Donkey Assisted Therapy for Children

Expert Equestrian Articles — March 10, 2013
The Donkey Sanctuary’s Donkey Assisted Therapy Centres provide unique donkey riding therapy to children with special needs and disabilities and therapeutic visits for adults in care homes and hospices. by Claudia Foxcroft   Every year, approximately 46,000 children arrive at The Donkey Sanctuary centres in Belfast, Birmingham, Ivybridge, Leeds, Manchester and Sidmouth… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Life Skills Instructor

Expert Equestrian Articles — July 18, 2012
By teaching life skills through the aid of horses, Sara Crum helps at-risk youth with her equine career. by Karen Braschayko Sara Crum’s career with horses began when she volunteered at a therapeutic riding center and was inspired to learn more. Nearly 10 years later, she has earned certification as a… Read more »

Horses and Hope in Kentucky

Expert Equestrian Articles — June 22, 2012
Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear on "Horses and Hope"–– helping Kentucky's horse industry and their families. by Darley Newman In 2008 Kentucky’s First Lady Jane Beshear launched "Horses and Hope" with the Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP) to provide breast cancer education, screening and treatment referral for employees of Kentucky's horse… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Helping Others as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Expert Equestrian Articles — January 15, 2012
by Karen Braschayko Have you ever wanted a job that makes you feel completely satisfied at the end of the day, knowing you did something good and helped others? Jan Vescelius has this gratification every day as director and head therapeutic riding instructor at Therapeutic Riding, Incorporated (TRI) of Ann… Read more »

Ten Reasons to Get Involved with Therapeutic Riding

Expert Equestrian Articles — November 30, 2011
Help individuals with special needs to learn about horses, and you just may help yourself as well by Karen Braschayko It can be dirty, it can be difficult, and you may occasionally end up sweaty hot or shivering cold, feeling a bit frustrated or absolutely elated, but here are some… Read more »

Equine Artist Laura Barnhardt Corle

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 14, 2011
Learn how Laura's passion for horses inspired her career as an artist.  Darley Newman: Have horses and art always been a passion? Laura Barnhardt Corle: I actually became an artist because I wanted a horse. In the late 50’s in Lima Ohio, the Meadowgold Dairy still had wagons pulled by… Read more »

The Horses of the Caisson Stable… Honoring Those Who Served

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
By Susan Seligman My 6 AM arrival seemed painfully early, but this was the army, and everyone had already reported for duty at the Caisson stables by 4:00. Eight military funerals are scheduled today, and the soldiers of the elite Caisson platoon at the Ft. Myer army base in Arlington,… Read more »

Therapeutic Riding in Portland, OR

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
Read about a Portland, Oregon metropolitan center offering a comprehensive, three-fold therapeutic equine program For 8 year old Emily the chance to ride a horse and focus on the fun she was having rather than her upcoming chemotherapy session was an event that turned her life around. Not only her's,… Read more »