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Equitrekking Uruguay Video Promo and Behind the Scenes

Darley's Travel Blog — April 8, 2011
Watch a preview of Equitrekking's Uruguay TV episode by Darley Newman Ride with the gauchos, visit working ranches and eco-friendly estancias and feel the energy! I ride with the gauchos as we explore the small, South American country of Uruguay this Sunday, April 10, on Create TV.  Slightly smaller than… Read more »

YQA - Global Equestrian Fashion & Style

Darley's Travel Blog — April 3, 2011
Global equestrian fashions we've photographed on the road... Equitrekking! by Darley Newman In our travels filming for Equitrekking, we like to fit in with the locals, which sometimes means picking up or borrowing some equestrian clothing and riding gear. From bombachas in Uruguay to keffiyehs in Jordan, here are a… Read more »

The Original Dudes- Dude Ranch History Video

Expert Equestrian Articles — April 2, 2011
Learn about the original "dudes," early 1900's dude ranch guests In this dude ranch history video clip from the Emmy winning Equitrekking TV show, ranchers describe Jackson Hole's Bear Paw Ranch where the Roosevelts, Rockefellers, DuPonts and other famous names of the time vacationed. Host Darley Newman narrates this video… Read more »

YQA - Barefoot Horses on Equitrekking

Darley's Travel Blog — March 28, 2011
Find out which destinations you've watched on Equitrekking where the horses go au naturel. by Darley Newman A few of you have written to us to ask which segments of Equitrekking feature barefoot horses-- horses who are not wearing shoes.  We've ridden horses with a few equestrians who keep their… Read more »

YQA - USA Western Equestrian Style

Darley's Travel Blog — March 14, 2011
Fit in with the locals when you travel and horseback ride by checking out these Western equestrian styles. by Darley Newman You may not see these on the runways, but these are the Western riding clothes folks are really wearing horse riding around the USA. Check out these U.S. Western… Read more »

New Blog Addition: Your Questions Answered YQA

Darley's Travel Blog — February 9, 2011
YQA stands for Your Questions Answered  Every Monday, TV host and travel expert Darley Newman answers viewer questions right here in Darley's Blog. by Darley Newman Here at Equitrekking, we get a lot of questions each week from viewers and readers related to our expertise, equestrian travel adventures and our… Read more »

Great American Ranches TV Special

Darley's Travel Blog — January 9, 2011
Join us on a journey to America's dude and guest ranches in this Equitrekking special, "Great American Ranches." We filmed this special, high definition episode at ranches in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Quebec, Texas, Maui and the Big Island, exploring how their geography and history influence their present workings. I interview… Read more »

Happy Anniversary

Darley's Travel Blog — January 6, 2011
Many of you know about our Emmy winning TV show Equitrekking. We're excited to celebrate the one year anniversary for our new business! It's been a busy year. Over the course of our first year, we've sent travelers to Costa Rica, Ireland, Hawaii, Turkey, Jordan, North Carolina, Alberta and… Read more »’s Top 10 Articles of 2010

Darley's Travel Blog — December 31, 2010
Introducing the most popular articles that kept you clicking on in 2010, brought to you by Savvy Systems, featuring the 9th annual Horse Savvy Photo Contest. Entry details at   1. Royal Stables Video Tour & Princess Alia Interview   2. Horse Rescues: Helping Unwanted Horses    3. 5… Read more »

5 Things I Love- An Equestriennes’ New Year’s Resolutions

Darley's Travel Blog — December 29, 2010
Here are five things I plan to do to become not only a better rider, but a better horsewoman in 2011.  by Darley Newman, Equitrekking's host & producer In thinking about 2011, I have certain equestrian goals or shall we say "resolutions"- tis the season!  1. Take more lessons It's… Read more »