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The Gift of a Trail Ride

Equestrian Travel Articles — December 20, 2017
Equitrekking contributor and competitive trail rider Stacey Stearns remembers a fateful gift that restored her confidence and inspired her lifelong love of trail riding.  By Stacey Stearns I hated trail riding when I was growing up. I always had “hot” horses, and while they honed my equitation skills, their behavior… Read more »

Horseback Riding in Aiken’s Hitchcock Woods

Equestrian Travel Articles — March 18, 2015
Rich in history, the Hitchcock Woods offers 70 miles of pine forest trails guaranteed to please any equestrian. When my friend asked if I would be interested in helping her drive her mare back to Massachusetts after a month of training in Aiken, I jumped at the chance. Three days… Read more »

A New Kind of Equestrian Park for a New Kind of Rider- Part 1

Expert Equestrian Articles — May 7, 2014
Filling the void - A delightful suburban equestrian venue that offers après-riding amenities in a scenic garden park. by Juliette Ober This past weekend my husband, Brian, and I found a few minutes to catch a glimpse of the final round of the Masters Tournament and immediately our golfer envy… Read more »

The Theme Park Redesigned to be a Horse Park- Part 2

Expert Equestrian Articles — May 7, 2014
A vision for the ultimate horse community. by Juliette Ober Quaint gardens in a Disney park beg for real (as opposed to carousel) horses and riders. Photo Credit Walt Disney visited Tivoli Gardens in Denmark to get ideas for his original (160 acre) Disneyland concept. Tivoli holds many secrets to… Read more »

Desired Amenities for the Ideal Après-Riding Park- Part 3

Expert Equestrian Articles — May 7, 2014
What would be in your ideal equestrian park? Perhaps little cafes in a park as beautiful as a golf course? Flower-bedecked lanes and quaint bridges? Read below for more of equestrian Juliette Ober's dream horse park. by Juliette Ober The French prefix après- means after - specifically the time period… Read more »

Pinellas Park - St. Petersburg, Florida’s Hidden Equestrian Community

Equestrian Travel Articles — March 17, 2013
My annual travel to an unsung "Magic Kingdom" of exceptional riding deep in the heart of suburbia. by Juliette Ober Have you ever been part of something so wonderful and unique that you are afraid to talk about it because the act of trying to describe it with words might make… Read more »

5 Great Equestrian Communities- #1 Bend

Expert Equestrian Articles — October 2, 2012
If you're looking for a West Coast equestrian community, Bend, Oregon has wonderful trail riding and outdoor opportunities. Check out why it's on our list of great horse towns. by Claire Caldwell Bend, OR “Mill town turned adventure playground”—recreation in the form of paddle, saddle, cycle and beyond in wide… Read more »

5 Great Equestrian Communities- #2 Ocala

Expert Equestrian Articles — October 2, 2012
A great equestrian community topping our list is Ocala, Florida. Learn about horse lovers opportunities in this vibrant area of the Sunshine State. by Claire Caldwell Ocala, FL Vacation from the comfort of home, for all experience levels and a variety of equestrian education and traiing opportunities. If you are… Read more »

5 Great Equestrian Communities- #3 Aiken

Expert Equestrian Articles — October 1, 2012
For a great equestrian community, join the snow birds and head south to Aiken, South Carolina. Learn about opportunities for equestrians and their companions in this Southern horse town. by Claire Caldwell Aiken, SC Equestrian paradise for the experienced rider, polo enthusiast and spectator looking for a great climate and… Read more »

5 Great Equestrian Communities- #4 Tryon

Expert Equestrian Articles — September 30, 2012
Horse lovers have specific requirements when searching for a place to live for them and their equine companion. Tryon, North Carolina ranks in our top five equestrian communities for horse enthusiasts. Learn about life in the mountains of North Carolina inTryon. by Claire Caldwell Tryon, NC Home for the nature… Read more »