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How to Make Malva Pudding Video

Darley's Travel Blog — September 12, 2011
Learn how to make a sweet dessert that's popular in Botswana's Safari Camps by Darley Newman If it’s one thing I love at the end of my nightly meal, it’s a good dessert. In Botswana, we’ve enjoyed some amazing sweets, including my favorite from the trip... malva pudding. This African… Read more »

Equitrekking Behind the Scenes Videos

Darley's Travel Blog — June 20, 2011
Go behind the scenes with the Emmy-winning Equitrekking team and experience the challenges, bloopers and fun involved in filming. by Darley Newman Below is a special video playlist taking you behind the scenes with our film crew as we ride horses, snowmobile, ski and explore the world. We've certainly had… Read more »

Equitrekking Nominated for a Fourth Daytime Emmy

Darley's Travel Blog — May 11, 2011
Very good news to wake up to this morning. Equitrekking has been honored with a Daytime Emmy nomination in the 38th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Special Class Writing. This is the third consecutive year that we've been nominated for a Daytime Emmy! Equitrekking is nominated alongside some major… Read more »

Maui Ranch Icons - Baldwin Family Legacy at Piiholo Ranch

Expert Equestrian Articles — April 2, 2011
The history of great ranches on the Hawaiian Island of Maui by Darley Newman, originally published in her Trail Rider column in True West magazine Sam Baldwin, who roamed this island of Hawaii in the early 20th century, wrote of a day-long ride to capture cattle that took him across… Read more »

YQA - My Favorite Horse Breeds

Darley's Travel Blog — February 21, 2011
Learn about one of our favorite parts of Equitrekking... Riding Different Horse Breeds by Darley Newman Traveling the world on horseback, means riding and adjusting to various breeds of horses in their native setting. This is one of the most interesting parts of traveling the world to ride with the… Read more »

Great American Ranches Preview

Darley's Travel Blog — November 19, 2010
I just returned from speaking at Equine Affaire, where I was able to meet many people from across the country and world and hear about their experiences horseback riding in exotic locales and close to home. So many people shared fond memories of riding at ranches when they were kids,… Read more »

DC Residents Watch Equitrekking Starting Monday

Darley's Travel Blog — October 1, 2010
Equitrekking's new season is debuting in my home area! Washington, DC area residents, tune in to watch the premiere of Equitrekking's new season this Monday, October 4th at 10:30pm on WHUT, Channel 32. The first episode in the new series is Equitrekking Alberta, which takes viewers on a pack trip… Read more »

Utah’s Antelope Island

Darley's Travel Blog — August 14, 2010
 As a life-long East Coast gal, I relish the great open spaces of the American West, and as I cantered through fields of sagebrush on a well-trained Quarter Horse Thoroughbred Cross headed for a herd of bison on Antelope Island in Utah, I felt like a true cowgirl. Antelope Island,… Read more »

Filming Equitrekking in the West

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 3, 2010
by Equitrekking host Darley Newman, as published in Darley's Trail Rider column in True West magazine Equitrekking is about experiencing the world by traveling with local people on horseback. The locals are the ones who can take you to those out-of-the-way places about which only they know. This means that many… Read more »

Costa Rica Horse Festival

Darley's Travel Blog — August 1, 2010
For me, traveling on horseback is all about getting to see and experience things in a totally new way. Riding in a Cabalgata in Costa Rica marks at the top of my list for exciting things to experience on horseback. In the above video, you can watch a behind the… Read more »