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Top Cattle Drive Vacations- Cattle Drives in CO, WY and MT

Dude Ranch Blog — April 15, 2013
Five Great Cattle Drives at diverse ranches in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. by Darley Newman I’ve driven cattle at a variety of ranches across North America and South America, participating in everything from city slicker-type cattle drives put on for the benefit of us tourists and authentic cattle drives, where… Read more »

Hunewill Guest Ranch Cattle Drive, California

Dude Ranch Blog — September 27, 2012
For over 102 years, generations of the Hunewill family have had their annual fall cattle drive. Learn how you can join in the fun on a California cattle drive vacation and about other great cattle drive holidays! by Darley Newman There are "City Slickers" type cattle drives put on for… Read more »

Meet Your Host- Dartmoor Riding Holidays

Meet Your Host — September 3, 2012
Cowboys in the UK? Yes, sir! Phil Heard is a beef and sheep farmer and a British cowboy, who drives cattle though England's wild moors in "War Horse" country and invites guests to come with him for the ride with Dartmoor Riding Holidays. Phil Heard's working farm, Meldon, is located… Read more »

Horse Riding Apache Country at Double E Ranch

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 25, 2012
I rode a Mexican Mustang named Pancho through areas that would have felt downright claustrophobic during the days of Apache reign. by Darley Newman, originally published in her column in True West magazine While astride Pancho in southwestern New Mexico beside the Gila National Forest, his hooves noisily splashing through Bear… Read more »

Meet Your Host- Double E Ranch

Meet Your Host — August 24, 2012
Ever wanted to leave the corporate world for a life in the great outdoors, perhaps on your very own ranch? Meet Debbie and Alan Eggleston who are living the dream on a working cattle ranch boardering the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico. Debbie used to have an office job… Read more »

Cattle Drive Vacations at TX Ranch

Dude Ranch Blog — June 3, 2012
An authentic cattle drive vacation challenges teens, adults and seniors of all riding skill levels to head West!  I’ve driven cattle in New Mexico, Colorado, Uruguay, Texas and beyond, participating in everything from city slicker-type cattle drives–– put on for the benefit of us tourists–– to authentic cattle drives at… Read more »

“Breaking” The Cowboy Myth- Cattle Drive History

Expert Equestrian Articles — January 18, 2012
For many, the cowboy is the cornerstone of American values, representing independence, a strong work ethic, adventure, and courage. But what exactly did a cowboy do on those historic cattle drives? Cattle driving was the cowboy’s calling. These legnthy cattle drives north began in the state known, even today, as… Read more »

Equitrekking Uruguay Video Promo and Behind the Scenes

Darley's Travel Blog — April 8, 2011
Watch a preview of Equitrekking's Uruguay TV episode by Darley Newman Ride with the gauchos, visit working ranches and eco-friendly estancias and feel the energy! I ride with the gauchos as we explore the small, South American country of Uruguay this Sunday, April 10, on Create TV.  Slightly smaller than… Read more »

Uruguay Gaucho Cattle Drive

Darley's Travel Blog — March 3, 2011
Cattle Drive with gauchos... South American cowboys by Darley Newman Working estancias, South American ranches, allow guests to saddle up and help out with daily tasks, like moving cattle across the grasslands. We’d just left a nearby estancia during a storm, and it was our final night in Uruguay at… Read more »

Meet Your Host - Double Rafter Cattle Drives

Meet Your Host — March 1, 2011
“Compared to us, City Slickers is a pony ride." -- Dana Kerns. Arriving by covered wagon from Missouri in 1887, the Kerns family has a long tradition of raising cattle in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains.  Dana and Alice Kerns, who own and run Doublerafter Cattle Drives, share their Western traditions with… Read more »