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The Morgan Horse Breed Profile

Horse Breed Guide — May 9, 2012
Is the Morgan the right horse for you? Learn about this stylish mount and famous Morgans from the past. Equitrekking interviews Julie M. Broadway, Executive Director of the American Morgan Horse Association. Julie shares with us some interesting facts and history related to America’s first horse breed, the Morgan.  Photo ©… Read more »

The Chincoteague Pony Breed Profile

Horse Breed Guide — March 2, 2012
Equitrekking interviews Gale Park Frederick, founder of The National Chincoteague Pony Association and the world's first Chincoteague Pony Registry. Gale shares the unique story of these American Ponies. Learn about their history, characteristics and some interesting facts about this breed. Discover if the Chicoteague Pony is the right horse breed for you!… Read more »