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Dancing with Andalusians in Spain

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 10, 2018
On a riding holiday in Spain, Jan Norman discovers that pressing the right buttons can result in some serious dance moves from high-performance Spanish horses. “You have to feel it more than do it”, called out Vivi. A near perfect walk to canter transition was it seemed just a feeling… Read more »

The Andalusian and Lusitano Breed Profile

Horse Breed Guide — December 12, 2012
"For ages, Andalusians and Lusitanos have been prized for their athleticism, intelligence and beauty." by Raina Paucar  You may have spotted these horses in famous works of art or present day Hollywood films, including The Lord of the Rings and Braveheart. Their beauty, intelligence and strength has been an inspiration throughout… Read more »

Sherry Tasting at a Jerez Bodega in Spain

Darley's Travel Blog — April 10, 2012
A great stop for horse and wine lovers in Jerez is Yeguada Real Tesoro, a Sherry bodega which breeds rare black Andalusian horses. by Darley Newman In southwestern Spain in the province of Cádiz, the city of Jerez de la Frontera is a horse and gastronomy lovers haven. You can… Read more »

Spain- Dressage in Andalucia

Darley's Travel Blog — July 6, 2010
by Equitrekking host Darley Newman As I watched Napoleon, a beautiful white Andalusian, prancing around, agitated at having to stand for a moment, I felt sure that this was not the horse that I would be riding for my dressage lesson. It was. Vivi Garcia, who has been studying dressage her… Read more »

The P.R.E. Horse

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
Focus on: The Andalusian, a Spanish breed of horses. by: Barbara Clark You have seen them at the movies and probably didn't know what they were; just that they were the most beautiful horses you have ever seen. They have long flowing hair and come in all colors but are… Read more »