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Horse Ride Under the Hollywood Sign

Equestrian Travel Articles — September 2, 2017
Take a ride through Griffith Park, home of the famous Hollywood Sign, setting for many TV productions, and land of celebrity sightings. by Karen Braschayko  On a clear day, downtown Los Angeles is visible from the park's trails. Photo courtesy Sunset Ranch Hollywood. The Hollywood Hills surprised me. Maybe it… Read more »

Horse Riding on Monterey Bay, California

Equestrian Travel Articles — January 28, 2013
My first horseback ride on the beach was thrilling and magnificent. by Karen Braschayko Watching Darley Newman’s many beach rides on Equitrekking has always made me a smidge jealous and invited me to wonder what it would be like to experience one for myself. The Black Stallion and other movies… Read more »

Horse Ride through Paramount Ranch

Equestrian Travel Articles — December 12, 2012
Experience the setting of Gunsmoke, Dr. Quinn, many classic westerns and modern TV shows just as many stars have – on horseback. by Karen Braschayko   Riders are welcome to explore historic Paramount Ranch. I’ll admit it – I was an extremely zealous fan of the show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.… Read more »

Cappadocia Underground City Bloopers Video

Darley's Travel Blog — April 13, 2011
In Cappadocia, Turkey, our TV crew explored an underground city... and had a few mishaps along the way.  There are underground cities sprinkled throughout Cappadocia, Turkey, an exotic travel destination where you can horse ride through fairy chimneys, to ancient villages and explore old monasteries and colorful markets. Watch an… Read more »

Israel- Horses in the Holy Land

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 26, 2010
Learn about horseback riding and other adventures in Israel from Susan Seligman, who experienced the below destinations first-hand.   By Susan Seligman I'm pulling on my boots, zipping up my chaps, adjusting my hat, off to cowboy up in Israel. Israel? You mean as in THE HOLY LAND? Yes ma'am,… Read more »