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Six-Day Pack Trip in Yellowstone’s Backcountry

Equestrian Travel Articles — November 30, 2017
An adventurous mother and daughter duo set out on a six-day packing adventure through the rugged wilderness of Yellowstone National Park.  By Lisa Florey How many septuagenarians do you know who would trek 80-odd miles through a remote wilderness on horseback, sleeping in a tent each night? I know one!… Read more »

Dude Ranch Vacations: 5 Great Reasons to Visit in June

Dude Ranch Blog — April 1, 2015
Dude Ranch vacations are the perfect summer retreat for family, friends, couples, and singles! The Gros Ventre River Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is open from June until September, and shares their top 5 reasons to visit in June. by Tori McGough Thinking of a ranch vacation in June? Check out… Read more »

Horseback Riding In Yellowstone National Park

Equestrian Travel Articles — December 24, 2014
Horseback riding adventures in a dream place to ride, Yellowstone National Park, while at Lone Mountain Guest Ranch in Montana. by Martha Crocker When I was a kid one of my favorite books was Little Britches, so I was pretty excited about the opportunity to ride in the NW corner of… Read more »

Horse Ride Teddy Roosevelt’s Trails in the American West

Equestrian Travel Articles — November 5, 2012
Explore the lands, ride the trails and gaze on same vistas President Theodore Roosevelt did as he fought to preserve the American West. By Karen Braschayko We know him as Teddy, though he greatly disliked the nickname, and he’s the reason the term “teddy bear” entered our common language. Politician… Read more »

Watch Equitrekking Great National Parks and Decide Where to Go for National Park Week

Darley's Travel Blog — April 15, 2011
April 16 - 24th Enjoy National Park Week Including Special Events Wildlife Viewing, Horse Riding & History in America's Treasures As I travel throughout the United States, I make it a point to explore America’s National Parks. It’s so great that these special places exist where everyone can enjoy the beauty… Read more »

Equitrekking Great National Parks

Darley's Travel Blog — October 21, 2010
A special episode in Equitrekking's new season, Equitrekking Great National Parks takes a closer look at some of the remarkable landscapes, wildlife, and adventures in America’s National Parks. To film this high definition episode, our crew had to cover a lot of ground, hiking, horseback riding and boating in Bryce… Read more »