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Cross Country at the Rolex Three Day

Darley's Travel Blog — April 23, 2012
Watch a video from the Rolex Three Day's Cross-Country Course and learn about this fast-paced equestrian competition. by Darley Newman This year's Rolex Kentucky Three-Day is fast approaching. This annual spring qualifying event for the Olympic Games and World Championships draws large crowds to Lexington's Kentucky Horse Park for world… Read more »

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Jane Beshear Interview

Darley's Travel Blog — April 22, 2012
Hear from Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear about the sport of eventing and the Rolex Three Day in video interview. by Darley Newman At the Rolex Three Day at Lexington's Kentucky Horse Park, I was able to meet Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear and get her take on the sport… Read more »

On the Trail of the Anasazi—Zion, Utah

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 5, 2012
A rider explores the East Gate of Zion National Park with Zion Mountain Ranch. by Corinne Brown It's not everyday a horseback rider can guide her horse between two clusters of wild, shaggy buffalo, free-roaming on 600 acres. I found myself silent and holding my breath as our horses picked… Read more »

Therapeutic Horses of Caisson Stable

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2012
Learn about how horses are helping wounded warriors through a therapeutic riding program By Susan Seligman Natasha McKinnon is a bubbly 24-year-old chatting away about horses. But it is not your usual equine conversation. Soldier McKinnon lost part of her leg when her convoy was hit in Iraq. The horses… Read more »

Ups and Downs of Ranching Dreams

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 20, 2012
Who hasn’t fantasized about riding off into the sunset on your own horse through beautiful Western terrain that is all yours for as far as the eye can see? by Darley Newman. Originally published in True West magazine. Yet running a ranch is a 24/7 existence with a lot of… Read more »

Kentucky- Kentucky Horse Park Video

Darley's Travel Blog — June 15, 2011
Take a video tour of the Kentucky Horse Park! by Darley Newman One of the highlights of my visit to Kentucky was the Kentucky Horse Park. I had imagined that it was a Disneyland for horse lovers and it is. There are breeds from around the world, museums, shows and… Read more »

Wild Horses on Cumberland Island, Georgia

Darley's Travel Blog — April 1, 2011
Tour Georgia's Cumberland Island with a naturalist and meet the island's "wild" horses.  by Darley Newman Roughly the size of Manhattan, Cumberland is a small island off the southern Georgia coast that boasts 17.5 miles of pristine beaches and wild horses. It is no more developed today that it was… Read more »

Georgia’s Southern Cross Guest Ranch Traveler Review

Equestrian Travel Articles — October 19, 2010
Easing my way back into the saddle at Southern Cross Guest Ranch. by Equitrekking Member JoAnne Persistent web searching led me over and over to Southern Cross Guest Ranch located about an hour outside Atlanta near historical Madison, Georgia. I was one of those typical horse-mad girls who had grown… Read more »

Virginia- U.S. Army Caisson Stables

Darley's Travel Blog — June 18, 2010
Learn about the Caisson Stables at Ft. Myer by Darley Newman I just arrived back from a ribbon cutting ceremony at the recently renovated 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) Caisson Barn in Fort Myer, Virginia. Susan Seligman has written a great article on The Old Guard, "The Horses of the… Read more »

Maui Haleakala Crater Ride & Video

Darley's Travel Blog — May 27, 2010
by: Darley Newman Riding into the crater of a volcano on Maui has to top my list as one of the most amazing places in the world to explore on horseback. (you can do this ride as part of's Maui Equestrian Vacation Self Drive) At Haleakala National Park, I… Read more »