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Celebrating “Derby Day” Shenandoah Country Style!

Equestrian Travel Articles — May 3, 2018
Learn about an equine-themed Virginia winery where you can celebrate the Triple Crown Races, Shenandoah Country Style! After spending an unusually cold spring day hosting our annual Judged Trail Ride, it was time to seek out a warm and cozy atmosphere to relax and view the “Run for the Roses” for… Read more »

Famous Horses in History - Sir Barton, America’s first Triple Crown Champion

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 12, 2011
The incredible and unlikely story of America's first Triple Crown Champion by Jill Overacker The story of Sir Barton, the first winner of the American Triple Crown, is one of incredible hope, stunning wins and crushing defeats. Though the first horse to ever claim champion to the nation's three most… Read more »