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Standing at The Mounting Block With Your OTTB

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — April 5, 2012
There was a time when I could place my left foot lightly in the irons and spring up like a pogo stick. Well, those days are long gone for me. If I try to do that nowadays, I’ll hear a snap, crackle, pop and have something sore the next day.… Read more »

Bombproofing Bahamut Part III

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — March 21, 2012
"It’s In The Bag." My horse training tips and desensitizing exercises. An essential technique for retraining your ex-racehorse is "bombproofing,"  or "sacking out," which is a series of desensitizing exercises. Working with my OTTB, off the track Thoroughbred, Bahamut is an adventure. I like to challenge him with various objects… Read more »

Donna Barton Brothers, Former Top Jockey Still Rules in the Sport of Kings

Expert Equestrian Articles — March 12, 2012
Donna Barton Brothers, a 2nd generation top jockey, daughter of Patti Barton and equestrian media personality shares moments from her career in horseracing. by Raina Paucar Donna Barton Brothers is the daughter of one of the first pioneering woman jockeys in America, Patti Barton. Her father was a rough stock… Read more »

Bombproofing Bahamut Part II

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — March 10, 2012
"Training Can Be Fun." My horse training tips and desensitizing exercises. A helpful training technique for your ex-racehorse is "bombproofing,"  or "sacking out," which is a series of desensitizing exercises. Working with my OTTB, off the track Thoroughbred, Bahamut can be challenging at times. What I’m learning in the retraining… Read more »

Bombproofing Bahamut Part I

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — March 3, 2012
“See, it’s not so spooky.” My horse training tips and desensitizing exercises. Some OTTB's, off the track Thoroughbreds, come off of the racetrack  "green" or "spooky." One of the first fundamental techniques that's helpful in the training of your ex-racehorse is "bombproofing,"  or "sacking out," which is a series of… Read more »

My Personal Off The Track Thoroughbred Adoption Story

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — February 26, 2012
My Off TheTrack Thoroughbred Adoption Story Begins With Reservations And Reward. by Raina Paucar   Bahamut and Raina during a training session ©Angie Sanchez My horse, "Bahamut" is an ex-racehorse, otherwise known as an Off the Track Thoroughbred or OTTB. As a Thoroughbred racehorse, he has a record of zero… Read more »

The Ups and Downs in the Life of 2nd Generation Jockey Frankie Lovato, Jr.

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 4, 2012
Learn about the life journey of a successful, second generation jockey and how he's helping aspiring riders and jockeys today. by Raina Paucar Frankie Lovato, Jr. is a horseman of many talents. As a professional jockey, he has won over 1,600 races with more than $41 million in purse earnings.… Read more »

Famous Horses in History - The Fire Horse

Expert Equestrian Articles — January 31, 2012
by Heidi Longaberger As many horse owners will tell you, our equines are often considered part of the family. They are our partners in blazing trails, racing around barrels or jumping over fences. Most often, they are simply our companions, offering a nicker of hello and a quiet strength. But… Read more »

Horses Around the World Breed Videos

Horse Breed Guide — September 17, 2011
Watch videos of beautiful horses around the world. I've traveled the world to film with Welsh Cobs, Icelandics, Thoroughbreds, Highland ponies, Morgan horses and more - all in their native environments. Horse breeds around the world are profiled in these video clips from our Emmy-winning Equitrekking TV show.  Horse Breeds Video… Read more »

Famous Horses in History - Sir Barton, America’s first Triple Crown Champion

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 12, 2011
The incredible and unlikely story of America's first Triple Crown Champion by Jill Overacker The story of Sir Barton, the first winner of the American Triple Crown, is one of incredible hope, stunning wins and crushing defeats. Though the first horse to ever claim champion to the nation's three most… Read more »