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EQUUS Film Festival Camden Screens Films for Horse Lovers

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 20, 2017
Camden, South Carolina, has a storied history filled with its love for horses. Home to the annual Carolina Cup steeplechase, which draws more than 70,000 spectators today, the Camden area became increasingly popular in the mid-1880s for wealthy families to spend the winter, and with them they brought their horses.… Read more »

48 Hours in Aiken for Horse Lovers Continued

Darley's Travel Blog — September 7, 2015
Day Two in Aiken for Horse Lovers! Enjoy out of the saddle adventures. by Darley Newman Read Part 1 On your second day in Aiken, enjoy equestrian pursuits out of the saddle. Again, check out what events may be going on during your visit, but try to also fit in… Read more »

48 Hours in Aiken for Horse Lovers

Darley's Travel Blog — September 7, 2015
What to see and do in Aiken, South Carolina, a top equestrian retreat, including in and out of the saddle adventures. by Darley Newman Read Part 2 Aiken is a charming Southern travel destination with lots to do for horse lovers. We recently visited Aiken to film for our Equitrekking… Read more »

Horseback Riding in Aiken’s Hitchcock Woods

Equestrian Travel Articles — March 18, 2015
Rich in history, the Hitchcock Woods offers 70 miles of pine forest trails guaranteed to please any equestrian. When my friend asked if I would be interested in helping her drive her mare back to Massachusetts after a month of training in Aiken, I jumped at the chance. Three days… Read more »

Carriage Driving Vacations & Clinics in the USA

Darley's Travel Blog — January 15, 2014
Great places to take a carriage driving vacation in the USA. These equestrian learning holidays help beginners and advanced alike, including those looking to excel in Combined Driving Events. by Darley Newman Always wanted to drive a horse-drawn carriage? Want to spend time with horses, but not ride? Many people… Read more »

Tryon Horse Country Tour in NC

Darley's Travel Blog — March 25, 2012
Take an insider’s tour of the horsey area of Tryon, North Carolina. by Darley Newman After hearing about Tryon, North Carolina for years, I was excited to tour the rolling hills of this horsey area that rests along the border of North Carolina and South Carolina, my home state, in… Read more »

A Horse Community in the Carolinas

Equestrian Travel Articles — March 9, 2011
A longtime resident reveals Tryon's Horse Appeal by Libbie Johnson “We’re not Aiken, and we’re not Ocala and we’re not Middleburg. We’re Tryon and we think our horse heaven is just that…. heaven.” Dubbed a “best kept secret” for horse lovers, Tryon Horse Country straddles the foothills border of North… Read more »

Gait of Marsh Tacky Horses: Exciting Research

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
by Dr. Molly Nicodemus, PhD., Gaited Locomotive Research Program, Mississippi State University and Jeannette Beranger, ALBC Research and Technical Programs Manager Due to the breed’s Colonial Spanish heritage the Marsh Tacky was thought by some to be gaited, but there had never been any research conducted concerning the gaits. One… Read more »

Marsh Tacky: The “Common” Horse of Lowcounty South Carolina

Horse Breed Guide — February 25, 2010
By Caroline Maffry Photos © Dwain Snyder at The History of the Marsh Tacky In 1846 naturalist John James Audubon wrote that the Marsh Tacky is as “tough as a Pine knot.” Indigenous to the marshy coastal islands in the low land or Lowcountry region of South Carolina, these… Read more »

South Carolina- Carriage Driving

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
It was time for my carriage driving clinic. The equipment was a bit intimidating at first. Once you find out the function for each piece of tack, it makes sense, but I wouldn't want to have to tack up Trotter again on my own--not just yet at least. I would… Read more »