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The Mangalarga Marchador: A Rare Breed

Horse Breed Guide — February 25, 2010
In Brazil, they weave the history of the Marchador as if telling an epic legend. Eyes glowing and with great pride, the breeders recount the sires and the mares that were the foundation of the breed. They willingly share where they are taking their breeding – to the Nuevo tradicao,… Read more »

Uruguay- El Charabon Estancia Cattle Drive

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Round-up Cattle with the Gauchos in South America on a cattle drive by Darley Newman El Charabon is a working South American cattle estancia located in the Rocha Province of Uruguay, not too far from the Brazil border. I rode a wonderful, smooth Criollo out to the far fields to… Read more »

Uruguay- El Charabon’s Stormy Night

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
We had quite a night last night at El Charabon, the ranch where we have come to work cattle with the gauchos in Uruguay. We had an amazing candle lit dinner. The lighting was romantic, but also necessary, as this storm that we are having, which has caused them to… Read more »

Uruguay- Finca Piedra Sustainable Estancia

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Visit a sustainable estancia in Uruguay for horse riding and adventure by Darley Newman We arrived to Finca Piedra Estancia at sunset, the perfect time to see Pedro the gaucho gathering the horses and taking them to another pasture. This is an estancia (ranch), where you’ll enjoy eating many of the… Read more »

Uruguay- Guardia del Monte Estancia

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Horse ride at a historic estancia in the Rocha of Uruguay by Darley Newman We traveled to Guardia Del Monte, a historic estancia in Rocha owned by Alicia Fernandez. The estancia is over 100 years old. Surrounded by marshland, interesting Ombú trees and palm trees, it seemed like a nice… Read more »

Uruguay- La Salamora Castle Horse Trek

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
A castle in Uruguay, you might ask? Well yes. Join me on a castle horse trek. by Darley Newman Trail Riding to the Castle Just over the hill from La Salamora lies a stone castle built in 1928 by an eccentric lottery winner. Why he decided to build a castle… Read more »

Uruguay- Montevideo Travel Blog

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Join me on a local's tour of Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city by Darley Newman We just arrived to the small South American country of Uruguay, after flying about three hours from DC to Miami and then 9 hours from Miami to Montevideo. I slept on the plan, thankfully, which I… Read more »

Uruguay- Morning Mate

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Mate is a special Uruguayan tea- learn about this local's beverage by Darley Newman This morning I enjoyed a drinking a morning mate with Alicia at La Salamora. No, not latte, mate, the national drink of Uruguay. Mate (pronounced mah- tay) is like a tea and to me it tasted… Read more »

Uruguay- Torta Frita Recipe

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Learn how to make Torta Frita, a specialty of Uruguay by Darley Newman Estancia El Charabon is a lovely working ranch in Rocha owned by husband and wife couple Jorge and Graciela Zuasnabar. Graciela is an artist, whose work populates the walls inside the estancia, giving it a unique, eclectic… Read more »