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Feelin’ Groovy: Thoroughbred Rescues Teach the Art of Slowing Down

Ex-Racehorse Adoption Blog — October 17, 2017
How the simple lyrics to a song help me, once again, enjoy “dappled and drowsy” rides on my rescued Thoroughbreds after an unusually long break in our routine. Slow down, you move too fast. Simon and Garfunkel had no idea when they penned the light-hearted opening line to their iconic “59th… Read more »

Pennsylvania Horse Trails Through the Seasons

50 State Trail Riding Project — August 28, 2017
Members from the Pennsylvania Chapter of Women on the Edge Trail Riders Debbie Crone and Aleta Seifert share their favorite horse trails throughout the seasons, part of the Equitrekking 50 State Trail Riding Project. by Debbie Crone and Aleta Seifert The state of Pennsylvania has much to offer the horseback… Read more »

Gettysburg Battlefield Horseback Riding Tours: Ride Into History

Equestrian Travel Articles — July 16, 2017
Horseback riding in Gettysburg has become one of the most engaging ways to interact with the town’s rich Civil War history. Visitors from around the world are not only viewing history from five feet up, they are learning about the war’s largest battle from the viewpoint of the cavalry –… Read more »

Horse Shopping Online- A Brave New World

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 18, 2012
A baby boomer recounts horse shopping the old fashioned way and her own adventures horse shopping in the 21st century. Part 1 of 2 Read Part 2 Horse Shopping Travel Adventures in Idaho By Karen Prell It wasn’t bad enough to wake up one morning and realize that I am firmly… Read more »