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Horseback Riding in Little Missouri State Park

50 State Trail Riding Project — February 25, 2018
Take a tour on horseback through some of North Dakota's most awe-inspiring terrain at Little Missouri State Park.   One of the best places to experience North Dakota's famous badlands is Little Missouri State Park and the best way to see it is from the saddle. This wild and rugged country… Read more »

Horse Ride Teddy Roosevelt’s Trails in the American West

Equestrian Travel Articles — November 5, 2012
Explore the lands, ride the trails and gaze on same vistas President Theodore Roosevelt did as he fought to preserve the American West. By Karen Braschayko We know him as Teddy, though he greatly disliked the nickname, and he’s the reason the term “teddy bear” entered our common language. Politician… Read more »

Horse Riding North Dakota’s Badlands

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 26, 2010
Exploring North Dakota's Badlands on horseback! By Rogan Kelly The Native Americans called it the bad lands to walk through. The French came along and shortened it, the bad lands. It was the French way; make the world smaller. No better place is this illustrated than in the portion size… Read more »