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Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Equestrian Travel Articles — October 11, 2017
How did a family who grew up on an island off the Maine coast come to own a guest ranch in the remote Gila National Forest of New Mexico? This month, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a New Mexico guest ranch and we wanted… Read more »

Riding the Kit Carson Trail and Beyond in Fort Stanton, New Mexico

Equestrian Travel Articles — October 1, 2014
Riding the horse trails in Fort Stanton! Avid rider Caroline McCoy shares inspiring photos from New Mexico on horseback. Still planning rides between rainstorms.  It was Jill's (on the black and white TWH pinto) first time out in six months from bad knee accident from skiing... long recovery.  So we… Read more »

Back Country Horsemen in New Mexico Clear the Argentine Trail

Expert Equestrian Articles — August 25, 2014
Back Country Horsemen from Ruidoso and Albuquerque work to clear the Argentine Trail in Bonito Canyon, helping to keep trails open for equestrians and enjoying a beautiful trail ride. Photos and story from Caroline McCoy The weekend before Labor Day, while Nogal Canyon was a regular city of tents and… Read more »

Riding the Apache Trail in Lincoln County, New Mexico

Equestrian Travel Articles — June 10, 2014
Caroline McCoy, who rides almost every week of the year on her Quarter Horse mare, shares photos from Apache Trail in Lincoln County, New Mexico. photos and story by Caroline Ames McCoy The Bonito River has quieted its rapid flow from the spring. Saturday, some Back Country Horsemen decided to go… Read more »

Visiting Hideout Ranch with an Enthusiastic Rider- When You’re Not

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 27, 2014
A mom and her teenage sons travel to Hideout Ranch on the Arizona-New Mexico border for an inspiring spring break ranch vacation. by Laurie Orth Spring break planning for myself and my teenage boys involves some deal breakers. We need two clean, comfortable rooms, one for them, and one for… Read more »

Desert Spring Horseback Ride in New Mexico- Photo Journey

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 4, 2014
Trail rider Caroline McCoy shares the beauty of riding through New Mexico's deserts in the spring and discovers a waterfall along the way. photos and story by Caroline Ames McCoy Spring winds can make us feel like our minds, skin, hair and souls are being desiccated. In search of water, a… Read more »

Linda Carson’s Dream Ranch LIfe

Darley's Travel Blog — December 5, 2012
Want to change your life? Wonder what it's like to leave your corporate job behind to live on a ranch by yourself with a menagerie of animals? Read on! by Darley Newman Have you ever wanted to do something different with your life? Perhaps quit your office job, travel somewhere… Read more »

Horse Riding Apache Country at Double E Ranch

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 25, 2012
I rode a Mexican Mustang named Pancho through areas that would have felt downright claustrophobic during the days of Apache reign. by Darley Newman, originally published in her column in True West magazine While astride Pancho in southwestern New Mexico beside the Gila National Forest, his hooves noisily splashing through Bear… Read more »

Meet Your Host- Double E Ranch

Meet Your Host — August 24, 2012
Ever wanted to leave the corporate world for a life in the great outdoors, perhaps on your very own ranch? Meet Debbie and Alan Eggleston who are living the dream on a working cattle ranch boardering the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico. Debbie used to have an office job… Read more »

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Expert Equestrian Articles — August 19, 2012
Have you ever watched an old Western movie and marveled as the hero galloped his horse across the screen with reins in one hand, firing off shots left and right? Ever wished you could try it?  By Alan Eggleston, owner of Double E Ranch If the romance and excitement of… Read more »