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Michigan’s Horsey Christmas Sightings this Holiday Season

Expert Equestrian Articles — December 22, 2016
Carriage rides, jingle bells, and wagons full of carolers are right around us at holiday celebrations. By Karen Braschayko Many classic Christmas carols mention horses, and imagery of winter commonly features cozy horse-drawn sleighs and barns of fuzzy equines snug in their stalls. Carriage or sleigh ride scenes seem almost… Read more »

Lexington, Michigan’s Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade

Expert Equestrian Articles — December 13, 2016
Greet the holiday season with costumed horses and festive spirit at the Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade in Lexington, Michigan. By Karen Braschayko Jingle bells welcomed me once again as I watched riders and their helpers prepare for the Lexington Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade. Though Lexington is but a… Read more »

Michigan’s Hidden Gems: Upper Peninsula Charms- Part 3

Equestrian Travel Articles — June 27, 2016
From a stunning state park to the Ford Rouge Factory to Sault Ste Marie, adventures continue on Michigan's Upper Peninsula! by Susan St Amand Our first stop on the Pennisula was at the Upper Falls of Tahquamenon Falls State Park. At the visitors entrance stood a totem pole carved from… Read more »

Michigan’s Hidden Gems: Mackinac Island Part 2

Equestrian Travel Articles — June 27, 2016
Susan St. Amand continues the adventures on Mackinac Island, a horse lover's dream destination. by Susan St. Amand The first scene upon pulling into the harbor ferry dock immediately took us back in time and set the tone of the rest of our visit to Mackinac Island – a horse… Read more »

Michigan’s Hidden Gems: Dutch Windmills & Dragons Part 1

Equestrian Travel Articles — June 27, 2016
From tulip farms to Mackinac Island, awesome adventures on Michigan's Upper Peninsula in this three-part series from riding and travel enthusiast Susan St. Amand. by Susan St. Amand This was our first trip to explore the state of Michigan, specifically to visit Mackinac Island. As we planned our trip details, we… Read more »

Michigan Shore to Shore Riding Trail

50 State Trail Riding Project — January 29, 2014
Learn about the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail, a 240-mile long trail that runs across the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and is open to horseback riders and hikers, part of the Equitrekking 50 State Trail Riding Project. by Carol Baldwin Looking for a riding and camping experience with your equine partner? Michigan… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Mounted Police Officer Erik Eide

Expert Equestrian Articles — May 28, 2013
Sergeant Erik Eide patrols the City of Detroit with the help of horses. by Karen Braschayko Imagine if at your job your horse was your partner, carrying you across streets and through crowds, working with you to spot trouble and protect citizens. For Sergeant Erik Eide, a horse lover since… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Equine Veterinarian Crystal DeWitt

Expert Equestrian Articles — April 7, 2013
Helping horses (and their owners!) feel better is Dr. Crystal DeWitt’s equine career. by Karen Braschayko When your horse gets sick or looks lame, you put your faith in the person you call for help, hoping that veterinarian is competent, knowledgeable, and understands devotion to horses as much as you… Read more »

An Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade in Lexington, Michigan

Equestrian Travel Articles — December 18, 2012
Welcoming the Holiday Season with Horses! Equine pageantry and equestrian fun at the Old Fashioned Christmas Horse Parade in Lexington, Michigan. by Karen Braschayko  The first of the 141 equines in Lexington, Michigan's Christmas parade. Sleigh bells and horses bolster the magic of our winter holidays. These icons are a… Read more »

Eight Reasons to Go to Your Local Horse Festival

Travel Tips — October 5, 2012
How to get the most out of the equine expos and equestrian fairs near you. by Karen Braschayko If you’re anything like me, the process of attending a horse fair or expo goes like this: I spot event information online or receive the flyer in my mailbox. I get really… Read more »