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Kentucky- Kentucky Horse Park Video

Darley's Travel Blog — June 15, 2011
Take a video tour of the Kentucky Horse Park! by Darley Newman One of the highlights of my visit to Kentucky was the Kentucky Horse Park. I had imagined that it was a Disneyland for horse lovers and it is. There are breeds from around the world, museums, shows and… Read more »

Kentucky’s Shaker Village

Darley's Travel Blog — July 22, 2010
I had heard about the trails at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, a restored Shaker community in Kentucky, long before I set out for a ride with Don Pelly, a naturalist, and a group of local riders. The Shakers were a religious group who lived in a communal society, which… Read more »

Kentucky- International Museum of the Horse

Darley's Travel Blog — April 26, 2010
Bill Cooke at the Kentucky Horse Park’s International Museum of the Horse knows his horse history. I interviewed him for upcoming Equitrekking episodes on the history of various horse breeds around the world, including the Criollo, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Connemara, Welsh Cob, Mustang and more. In the basement of… Read more »

Horse Rescues: Helping Unwanted Horses

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
Learn about Unwanted Horses in America, spotlighting Days End Horse Farm and Kentucky's Secretariat Center By Equitrekking host Darley Newman Lately, more and more people are talking about the unwanted horse problem in America. It seems to be everywhere I turn, and not just in the news. I’m hearing stories… Read more »

Is Your Competition Venue Protected From Development?

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
By Deb Balliet, CEO, Equestrian Land Conservation Resource The excitement builds as you travel to the competition or show. You (or your equestrian) have been training diligently. Your steed is finely tuned and all “spiffed up.” You are ready to go! However, not all is as rosy as it may… Read more »

The Equine Land Conservation Resource

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
Sustaining the Equestrian Community through Education and Advocacy by Deb Balliet, CEO, Equine Land Conservation Resource In 1997, four co-founders incorporated the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (the name has been changed to Equine Land Conservation Resource) in Pennsylvania. The formality of incorporation was the result of over a year’s worth… Read more »

Kentucky- Great Trail Rides Video

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
In Kentucky, Equitrekking host and equestrian travel expert Darley Newman goes trail riding at Shaker Village, the Big Red Stables, Land Between the Lakes and Barren River State Park as a part of the Equitrekking Kentucky half hour episode on PBS. Darley Newman is the host of the Emmy Award-winning… Read more »

Kentucky- Barren River State Park

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Today we rode with Lisa Deavers, a naturalist at Barren River State Park in Western Kentucky. Lisa pointed out the myriad of wildflowers, like the pretty blue phlox, as she explained the history of this area. We would normally get to ride down to the lake, but because of rain,… Read more »

Kentucky- Rolex Three Day

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
I just left the Rolex Three-Day, one of the most exciting equestrian sporting events in the world. The horses and riders in this competition, especially Karen O'Connor and her horse, Theodore O'Conner, are truly amazing. I can't imagine the exhilaration they must feel as they take on water jumps, intimidating… Read more »

Kentucky- Land Between the Lakes

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Today, I rode Lisa Darnell’s 12-year-old mare, Misty, at Land Between the Lakes, a popular recreation area in Kentucky. The land is literally a peninsula surrounded by a lake. Randall Mitchell, the park naturalist, led us out to learn about the history of the area, along with Lisa and her… Read more »