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Donegal Beach Ride in Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — March 17, 2012
Donegal, Ireland is blessed with some of the widest and most enticing beaches for horse riding in the world. by Darley Newman The beaches of northwestern Ireland, in County Donegal, are great for horseback riding and surfing. I'm doing both from the beach town of Bundoran, a top European surf… Read more »

Ravensdale Horse Riding on Ireland’s Cooley Peninsula

Darley's Travel Blog — March 16, 2012
Ride horses on the Cooley Peninsula outside of Carlingford, a hidden gem in Ireland. by Darley Newman Niall Connolly, a fourth generation resident who owns Ravensdale Lodge Equestrian & Trekking Centre, lead me horse trekking through this lesser visited part of Ireland on Jessie, a sweet and strong Irish Cob.… Read more »

Ireland Guinness Stew Recipe - Happy St. Patricks!

Darley's Travel Blog — March 11, 2012
Recreate the awesome Guinness Stew we taste tested in Ireland with this recipe by Darley Newman Happy St. Patrick's' Day!  While filming for Equitrekking's two Ireland episodes, we tried some really tasty Guinness Stew at Fitzpatricks Restaurant/ Pub in Dundalk, Co. Louth, outside of Carlingford, a charming waterside village on the Cooley Peninsula. This… Read more »

Omey Island Horse Riding in Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — March 1, 2012
Take an unusual horse ride to Omey Island in the Connemara Region on the Emerland Isle by Darley Newman If you travel to the far West in Connemara in Ireland, about as far West as you can go, check out Cleggan Riding Centre and their interesting ride to mythical Omey Island. Omey… Read more »

Willie Leahy & Connemara Ponies at Dartfield Horse Museum in Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — June 14, 2011
A legendary horseman and his Connemara Ponies at the Dartfield Horse Museum in Ireland by Darley Newman Last time I was in Ireland, I was able to interview Willie Leahy at the Dartfield Horse Museum and Heritage Centre, east of Galway city between the towns of Ballinasloe and Loughrea. Leahy… Read more »

YQA - Great Places for Horseback Riding on the Beach

Darley's Travel Blog — June 7, 2011
Great Places for Beach Horseback Riding in Ireland, Spain, the United States and South America by Darley Newman In our quest for the ultimate beach for horse riding, we've ridden beaches all over the world, from Georgia's Coast to the coast of Southern Spain and from Uruguay to Northern Ireland.… Read more »

Irish National Stud Video Tour

Darley's Travel Blog — February 22, 2011
Take an insider's tour of the Irish National Stud in Kildare in Ireland to see how some of Ireland's top Thoroughbreds are raised. by Darley Newman Learn about Invincible Spirit and other great Irish race horses and Thoroughbreds are raised amid the lush green countryside of Kildare, Ireland in this equestrian… Read more »

Ireland Travel - River Shannon Travel Video

Darley's Travel Blog — February 20, 2011
Learn about the history of the Ireland's longest river, the site of Viking invasions and monastic isles, in this Ireland travel video clip.  by Darley Newman The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland. The river was used by the Vikings to navigate inland and raid monasteries along its… Read more »

Best of Irish Countryside Travel Video

Darley's Travel Blog — February 18, 2011
Discover the Best Horse Riding & Irish Horse Tourist Spots in Ireland's Countryside in this Equitrekking travel video by Darley Newman I've traveled to Ireland three times now, filming for Equitrekking and riding horses around the entire country. In this special video, we've showcased the Best of the Irish Countryside,… Read more »

Ireland’s Wild Connemara Coast Travel Video

Darley's Travel Blog — February 17, 2011
Travel to Ireland's wild West Coast - Connemara - and experience the rugged beauty of this special area in this Equitrekking video. by Darley Newman I've traveled through Connemara twice now. Horseback riding on the beach on fast Connemara ponies on the Connemara trail with legendary horseman Willie Leahy was… Read more »