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Behind the Scenes of Apassionata

Expert Equestrian Articles — June 1, 2012
How the horse extravaganza Apassionata is traveling across North America. by Karen Braschayko Have you ever gone to a major production involving horses and wondered how they do it? How do the horses go from city to city? Where do they stay, and how do they provide them with care… Read more »

Ralf Schmitzer: Classical Dressage and Respect

Expert Equestrian Articles — April 13, 2012
by Heidi Longaberger Classical dressage master and trainer Ralf Schmitzer approaches my horse Thomas with a look of amusement and affection, offering him a cookie for a job well done. We have just spent the last hour working on my balance and position in the saddle, while my horse pranced,… Read more »

Famous Horses in History - Jenny Camp

Equestrian Travel Articles — July 5, 2011
The incredible story of a three-day eventing superstar in Nazi Germany By Jill Overacker 1936 - A World in Turmoil To list Jenny Camp’s accomplishments would not do justice to what this small mare achieved in her lifetime. Though her accomplishments are tremendous on their own, it is the story… Read more »