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Yoga for Equestrians

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 15, 2011
Back hurting? Moving a bit gingerly the day after a ride? Yoga stretches may be just the answer for better flexibility both on and off your horse. YogaFit instructor and medical massage therapist Risa Jackinsky has developed a yoga program specifically for riders in partnership with the Mind and Body… Read more »

Pairing up with the Right Horse

Travel Tips — February 25, 2010
by Darley Newman Taking a horseback ride on your next vacation? Ever thought about the horse you’ll be riding? Horses have different personalities, skills and physiques, just like people. You’ll want to convey specific information about yourself and your riding level in order to get paired up with the right… Read more »

Riding on a Budget

Travel Tips — February 25, 2010
by Darley Newman Horseback riding can be expensive hobby, especially if you are a horse owner. However there are ways to enjoy your equine friends and ride on a budget. Volunteer: Help out at your local stables. Even if you are new to the equestrian world, a therapeutic riding program… Read more »

Riding Vacation Options

Travel Tips — February 25, 2010
by Darley Newman When researching different options for your riding vacation, begin narrowing your choices by thinking about what type of vacation you are seeking. Are looking for an American ranch, an exotic, international safari or a relaxing spa escape that allows you to ride as much or little as… Read more »

Winter Riding Tips

Travel Tips — February 25, 2010
Dashing Through the Snow by Darley Newman. Originally published in True West magazine. Just because winter is here doesn’t mean that you have to say good-bye to riding. In the right conditions and with the right gear, you can enjoy the crisp outdoors and have your own “dashing through the… Read more »

Ride Green: Eco-friendly Trail Riding

Travel Tips — February 25, 2010
by Darley Newman. Originally published in True West magazine. Don’t consider yourself an environmentalist? If you’re a trail rider, you’re more eco-friendly than you realize. Horseback riding is an environmentally friendly way to discover a destination. Horses may make noise as their hooves crunch over leaves that have blown onto… Read more »

Darley’s Sample Packing List

Travel Tips — February 25, 2010
Darley’s General Packing Tips Wherever you’re headed to horseback ride, whether it's a dude ranch, guest ranch, cattle drive or equestrian vacation in Ireland, here are some items to consider not leaving home without: - Riding boots- If you don’t own boots made specifically for riding, boots with a hard… Read more »

Natural Horsemanship

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
My journey with the Parelli Natural Horsemanship home study program to become a Parelli Professional Licensed Instructor. by Kelly Sigler About five years ago, I felt like I was on top of the world. I was competing my horse, George, in preliminary level eventing with great success. George was my… Read more »