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Behind the Scenes of Apassionata

Expert Equestrian Articles — June 1, 2012
How the horse extravaganza Apassionata is traveling across North America. by Karen Braschayko Have you ever gone to a major production involving horses and wondered how they do it? How do the horses go from city to city? Where do they stay, and how do they provide them with care… Read more »

Turkey Underground City with video

Darley's Travel Blog — April 21, 2012
Travel through an underground city in Guzelyurt in this Equitrekking travel video by Darley Newman In the small village of Guzelyurt, we rode horses through a more colorful part of the village, paying attention to the intricate carvings on some of the homes. Many of the homes in the village are… Read more »

Turkey- Kayaköy, Lycian Coast

Darley's Travel Blog — April 20, 2012
Horse ride and explore the abandoned ghost city of Kayakoy in Turkey by Darley Newman The deserted city of Kayakoy outside of Fethiye in Turkey is one of the spookiest places I've explored. Norma from Perma Ranch takes small groups on day and week long riding excursions from Perma Ranch,… Read more »

Turkey- Güzelyurt Horseback Riding

Darley's Travel Blog — April 19, 2012
Meet the locals of Guzelyurt, an off the beaten path village in Cappadocia by Darley Newman An introduction to Guzelyurt  Güzelyurt is a part of Turkey, which has not been totally discovered by tourists, allowing travelers who do make it here to see Turks living a traditional lifestyle. We’re riding… Read more »

Turkey- Horse Riding Kiliclar Valley, Cappadocia

Darley's Travel Blog — April 18, 2012
Horse ride the beautiful Red and Rose Valleys in Cappadocia, Turkey by Darley Newman We've spent many days riding through Cappadocia's fairy chimney valleys in Central Turkey, and I don't think we'll run out of trails anytime soon. The scenery changed today on our ride through Kiliclar Valley on our… Read more »

Horse Riding Loch Ness in Scotland

Darley's Travel Blog — April 15, 2012
Help me spot Nessie from the saddle on a horse ride around Loch Ness, Scotland. by Darley Newman If you want a totally different view of Loch Ness in Scotland, ride amid the pretty forests, lush fields and actually into this freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands!  I went out… Read more »

Horse Riding the Alpujarras in Spain

Darley's Travel Blog — April 14, 2012
Horse ride with me into a fragrant, mountainous area of tiny white washed villages, backed by the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. by Darley Newman I love horse riding in the mountains, especially climbing up high to take in wide open views. Amazing scenery abounds in the Alpujarras, a rural,… Read more »

Donegal Beach Ride in Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — March 17, 2012
Donegal, Ireland is blessed with some of the widest and most enticing beaches for horse riding in the world. by Darley Newman The beaches of northwestern Ireland, in County Donegal, are great for horseback riding and surfing. I'm doing both from the beach town of Bundoran, a top European surf… Read more »

Ravensdale Horse Riding on Ireland’s Cooley Peninsula

Darley's Travel Blog — March 16, 2012
Ride horses on the Cooley Peninsula outside of Carlingford, a hidden gem in Ireland. by Darley Newman Niall Connolly, a fourth generation resident who owns Ravensdale Lodge Equestrian & Trekking Centre, lead me horse trekking through this lesser visited part of Ireland on Jessie, a sweet and strong Irish Cob.… Read more »

Turkey- Avanos Markets and Pottery

Darley's Travel Blog — March 13, 2012
If you love shopping local, check out the market scene in Turkey and tour the markets of Avanos in Cappadocia with me. by Darley Newman Every Friday in Avanos, a Cappadocia village known for its pottery and situated on the Red River, there is a large market where everything from… Read more »