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Oregon- Let ‘Er Buck - Pendleton Style

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 26, 2010
by: Ann Terry Hill Photo courtesy of Pendleton Round-Up Calgary has its character, Cheyenne has its sashay, but there's only one Pendleton, Oregon---only one Round-Up, where the indomitable buckaroo spirit reigns supreme! It started out as a small bronc riding contest and roping exhibition held amid fields of wheat and… Read more »

Balancing Horses and School: Ben Londo Rodeo Champion

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
By Ann Terry Hill It's possible to mix business and pleasure successfully, says two-time Collegiate National All-Around Cowboy Ben Londo. “Try to be passionate about everything you are doing and stay focused." Twenty-two year old Londo not only talks the talk---he walks the walk. Being a champion while going to… Read more »

Is Your Competition Venue Protected From Development?

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
By Deb Balliet, CEO, Equestrian Land Conservation Resource The excitement builds as you travel to the competition or show. You (or your equestrian) have been training diligently. Your steed is finely tuned and all “spiffed up.” You are ready to go! However, not all is as rosy as it may… Read more »

Costa Rica- Cabalgata Behind the Scenes

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
As an elderly woman whizzed by me, galloping at an alarming pace in her black dress pants and high-heeled patent leather shoes, I gripped by reins and giggled. She was delicately balancing a purse on her forearm, not exactly riding attire. My horse Perla, the perfect “bomb proof” mount, was… Read more »

Alberta- Calgary Stampede

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
We saw a lot at the Calgary Stampede. There is a lot going on at this 10-day summer event that around 120,000 people attend each day. I walked all over the Stampede, interviewing folks about their horses and passions. I ate a lot of fried goodness, including fried jelly beans… Read more »

California- Equine Affaire in Pomona

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
I just returned from Equine Affaire, just in time for the DC blizzard. There were at least five large buildings filled with horsey things at Equine Affaire. I saw everything from the “mucking fantastic” shake’n rake to a massager for a horse that’s shaped like a horse’s mouth to bedazzled… Read more »

Kentucky- Rolex Three Day

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
I just left the Rolex Three-Day, one of the most exciting equestrian sporting events in the world. The horses and riders in this competition, especially Karen O'Connor and her horse, Theodore O'Conner, are truly amazing. I can't imagine the exhilaration they must feel as they take on water jumps, intimidating… Read more »

Spain- SICAB in Seville

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Over Thanksgiving, I went to SICAB in Seville. During this multi-day exposition, owners bring their best Spanish horses from all over the world to compete in dressage, carriage driving and various other shows and disciplines. There were hundreds of beautiful horses showcased here. I walked through the area of mares… Read more »

Virginia- Hunt Country Stable Tour

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Travel with us for the Annual Hunt Country Stable Tour in Virginia Hunt Country by Darley Newman The weather was just perfect as my friends and I set off for Upperville, Virginia to begin the annual Hunt Country Stable Tour, a once a year self-drive tour that would take us… Read more »

Virginia- Ride for the Cure Interview

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
Learn about Ride for the Cure- a Virginia horse ride to raise money for breast cancer research by Darley Newman On October 10, 2009, I will be horseback riding alongside equestrians, mothers, daughters, fathers and friends for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s Ride for the Cure Virginia. One… Read more »