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Dancing with Andalusians in Spain

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 10, 2018
On a riding holiday in Spain, Jan Norman discovers that pressing the right buttons can result in some serious dance moves from high-performance Spanish horses. “You have to feel it more than do it”, called out Vivi. A near perfect walk to canter transition was it seemed just a feeling… Read more »

10 Things to Love About Spain Riding Vacations

Equestrian Travel Articles — June 30, 2015
Andalusian horses, medieval villages, pristine beaches and sparkling cava... there's so much to love about riding in Spain! Here are ten reasons you should pack your riding boots and hit the trails in this European country. We at Equitrekking have been privileged to ride in Spain on several occasions, testing… Read more »

My Top Three Romantic Horse Riding Vacations: Spain

Darley's Travel Blog — February 14, 2012
Spain's mountains, beaches and beautiful Andalusians make for a hot, romantic combo. by Darley Newman Riding Andalusians on beaches and through meadows of sunflowers is a fantasy ride for many. Combine all of that with amazing food, wine and flamenco dancing and you've got one romantic ride. Where to go:… Read more »

Spain Travel Videos

Darley's Travel Blog — May 10, 2011
Travel videos from Equitrekking's film shoot in Spain Watch travel videos from Andalucia, Spain, where we filmed two Equitrekking episodes and watch Equitrekking Spain on Create TV tomorrow.     Check out the playlist above to watch these Equitrekking travel videos from Spain 1. Priego de Cordoba, Spain Tour the… Read more »

Dressage Training in Spain Video - Part 2

Darley's Travel Blog — January 5, 2011
Darley takes a dressage vacation and trains in Spain Read Part 1 of "Dressage Training in Andalucia" Napoleon, my horse at the Riding Center in Spain, was just as I thought he would be, very responsive. I felt the energy right as I got on and took a few deep breaths… Read more »

Dressage Training in Andalucia Video - Part 1

Darley's Travel Blog — January 4, 2011
TV Host and Equestrian Darley Newman tries dressage training at a historic hacienda in Southern Spain by Equitrekking host Darley Newman As I watched Napoleon, a beautiful white Andalusian, neighing and pawing the ground and prancing around, agitated at having to stand for a minute, I felt sure that this… Read more »

Exploring DoƱana National Park on Horseback Travel Video

Darley's Travel Blog — January 3, 2011
Discover horseback riding on the beach and the coastline of Doñana National Park in this travel video by Darley Newman Today Fernando of Epona took us to ride through Donana National Park on the Southern Coast of Spain. I have ridden in Donana before, but the park is too big… Read more »

Spain- Horseman’s Thanksgiving at SICAB

Equestrian Travel Articles — November 22, 2010
A horse lover forgoes turkey to spend the holidays with horses in Spain. by Barbara Clark If you go to SICAB (The World's Largest P.R.E. [Pura Raza Espanola, or in English Pure Spanish Horse] horse show in Sevilla, Spain), you will feel very sorry for all the other Americans who… Read more »

Spain- Dressage in Andalucia

Darley's Travel Blog — July 6, 2010
by Equitrekking host Darley Newman As I watched Napoleon, a beautiful white Andalusian, prancing around, agitated at having to stand for a moment, I felt sure that this was not the horse that I would be riding for my dressage lesson. It was. Vivi Garcia, who has been studying dressage her… Read more »