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Join the Dartmoor Derby in Devon, England

Equestrian Travel Articles — August 15, 2015
Imagine a horseback adventure in one of Britain’s finest areas of wilderness-- riding and navigating for days across moorland, through woods and valleys, crossing rivers, past ancient stone circles and through golden gorse and purple heather. It is countryside Steven Spielberg felt barely able to do justice in his wonderful… Read more »

Visiting the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt

Equestrian Travel Articles — October 8, 2014
Ride along with one of the oldest and largest of the fox hunting packs in England with Megan Corp of Blackthorn & Brook, which organizes fox hunting vacations in the UK. by Megan Corp  One of the great joys of our sport is that two days are never the same. Over… Read more »

Hedge-hopping Hints from a UK Fox Hunting Expert

Expert Equestrian Articles — October 1, 2014
Learn about jumping hedges from accomplished horsewoman Megan Corp, an established equestrian in the UK hunting scene with hunt buttons from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale. by Megan Corp My top moment of any Blackthorn & Brook holiday comes just after our guests pull up from a run having encountered… Read more »

Cumbrian Heavy Horses- The Best Fun on Four Legs

Equestrian Travel Articles — September 15, 2014
Experience the thrill of riding a Suffolk Punch and other heavy horse breeds on the beach in the England's Lake District with one of the few riding establishments internationally that use heavy horses. by Tracy M Thomas I'm not necessarily the bravest and most gung ho of riders. In fact there… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Equestrian Public Relations

Expert Equestrian Articles — October 3, 2012
Attending the Olympics and meeting the world’s top riders and horses is all part of Rebecca Walton’s equestrian career. by Karen Braschayko Lifelong rider Rebecca Walton has found her dream job with horses by working in public relations. She represents elite equestrians and their horses as a senior account executive… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Saddle Fitter

Expert Equestrian Articles — August 9, 2012
Sarah Steel uses her equestrian career to help horses and riders perform their best. by Karen Braschayko Sarah Steel has been riding since childhood, and she turned her love of equines into a business. As a saddle fitter in Yorkshire, England, she travels the countryside to help horses and their… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of Apassionata

Expert Equestrian Articles — June 1, 2012
How the horse extravaganza Apassionata is traveling across North America. by Karen Braschayko Have you ever gone to a major production involving horses and wondered how they do it? How do the horses go from city to city? Where do they stay, and how do they provide them with care… Read more »

Stable to Table: Recipes from a Lifetime of Travel, Riding and Cooking

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 10, 2012
A new cookbook pairs Dawn Harris Brown’s equestrian culinary adventures with stunning horse photos from her travels. by Karen Braschayko Dawn Harris Brown has ridden and cooked her way across the world. Traveling by horseback through lands as exotic as Mongolia, the Australian outback and Hungary, she gathered recipes along… Read more »

Foggy Horse Ride through Devon’s Dartmoor

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 21, 2012
Interested in riding in the British Isles? Read a traveler's experience horse riding through Devon's foggy Dartmoor National Park. by Meg Robbins The fog, sitting heavily on Haytor Down has, if anything, intensified. Not only can't I see my hand in front of my face-- I can't see the tor… Read more »

Dream Jobs: Horse Photographer in the English Countryside

Expert Equestrian Articles — January 20, 2012
by Karen Braschayko Sharon Malone spends her days in fields, woodlands and stables photographing gorgeous horses and the people who love them. Here she tells us how she and partner Andy Hopkinson created their equine photography business, The Horse Photographers, in North Yorkshire, England. She also shares touching stories about… Read more »