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A Luxury Equestrian Vacation at Salamander Resort & Spa, Virginia

Equestrian Travel Articles — December 10, 2013
Equitrekking’s Caroline Maffry takes her daughter on an equestrian escape in Virginia Hunt Country at Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg. by Caroline Maffry Read Part 2- Visiting Salamander Resort & Spa in Virginia Hunt Country Virginia Hunt Country has a new luxury resort located in an oasis-like setting in… Read more »

Vermont Horse Riding & Winter Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

Equestrian Travel Articles — January 17, 2013
Might you be thinking about where to vacation next? Read about my recent winter holiday in Vermont to enjoy horseback riding, dog sledding, skiing, and dashing through the snow on a horse-drawn sleigh ride, and I guarantee you’ll be booking your own Vermont winter experience! by Caroline Maffry If you… Read more »

Try Something New: Take a Polo Lesson!

Equestrian Travel Articles — July 31, 2012
Mother and daughter equestrians try an afternoon polo lesson with top US polo player John Gobin. by Caroline Maffry Looking for something different from your typical day in the saddle? Don’t have time for an equestrian vacation? Are you a skilled rider or horse enthusiast? If you have answered yes to… Read more »

Horseback Riding in France - A Mother / Daughter Weekend at a Working Normandy Horse Farm - Part 1

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
Follow Equitrekking Producer Caroline Maffry's Adventures Horseback Riding in France in This Five Part Series on Normandy by Caroline Maffry Just a few hours from Paris by train, my teenaged daughter Alexis Mozeleski and I were met at the train station in Avranches by Annette Jouvin. We drove about 15… Read more »

Horseback Riding in France - Riding the Bay of Mont St. Michel - Part 2

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
Caroline and Alexis Ride the Bay by Caroline Maffry Riding the Bay of Mont St. Michel Jean-Pierre returned and loaded the trailer with a pony named Chloe, which my daughter Alexis Mozeleski was to ride, and we were off to rendez-vous with Catherine and the two horses she had left with… Read more »

Horseback Riding in France - A Foal from Haras les Pins, a Norman Stud Farm - Part 3

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
A Meeting with a Foal from Haras les Pins by Caroline Maffry After a fascinating and full day of riding, we returned with the two horses to the farm, as Catherine waited by the bay with Chloe for a second trip. As we approached the paddocks with the trailer, Jean-Pierre… Read more »

Lunch with Fabien Grobon, Director of the Normandy 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG)

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
Horseball, Fabien Grobon and what you don't want to miss at WEG in Normandy 2014  by Caroline Maffry As Equitrekking is planning its first French episode, specifically starting with Northern France, there was no better person to ask for advice about Normandy than the man presently charged with planning the… Read more »

Visiting the Academy of Equestrian Art in Versailles

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
Académie du Spectacle Equestre in Versailles - Where Horses Receive the Royal Treatment by Caroline Maffry After spending the morning on horseback galloping through the gardens of the Château of Versailles, my day in search of royal horse experiences would not have been complete without a visit to the Academy… Read more »

Great French Cuisine - A Traveler’s Culinary Tour of Northern France

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
Wonderful Foods from France: Paris, Marly-le-Roi, Normandy and Mont St. Michel by Caroline Maffry There are endless reasons to travel to France, from culture to history and horses. Most equestrian and travel enthusiasts like myself would love nothing more than to set out on a horseback riding vacation and travel… Read more »

Horseback Riding in France - Visiting Mont St. Michel - Part 4

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 26, 2011
Caroline and Alexis Visit Normandy's Mont St. Michel For Dinner and High Tide by Caroline Maffry Visiting Mont St. Michel In order to witness the highest tide of the year come in around the Mont that evening, our hosts, the Jouvins, insisted that we stay an extra night, allowing us… Read more »