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Ireland Guinness Stew Recipe - Happy St. Patricks!

Darley's Travel Blog — March 11, 2012
Recreate the awesome Guinness Stew we taste tested in Ireland with this recipe by Darley Newman Happy St. Patrick's' Day!  While filming for Equitrekking's two Ireland episodes, we tried some really tasty Guinness Stew at Fitzpatricks Restaurant/ Pub in Dundalk, Co. Louth, outside of Carlingford, a charming waterside village on the Cooley Peninsula. This… Read more »

Explore Medieval Carlingford, Ireland Video

Darley's Travel Blog — March 25, 2010
Travel to a hidden gem, the medieval town of Carlingford on the Cooley Peninsula with Emmy winning Equitrekking. Join host Darley Newman to explore the castles and ambience of this town, which Equitrekking Travel participants ride horses to on the two day trek that is part of the Ravensdale Equestrian… Read more »

Ireland- Ravensdale, Carlingford and Proleek Dolman

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
We just ate a really great dinner at Fitzpatrick's, a true locals pub that Niall Connelly of Equitrekking Travel's Ravensdale Equestrian Vacation recommended, just outside of Carlingford. I had Guinness steak topped with a pastry shell with salad and potatoes gratin. Mmmm Today we ventured into the town of Carlingford,… Read more »