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Calgary Stampede - History, Exotic Food… and horses

Equestrian Travel Articles — April 2, 2011
The history and exoticism of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” by Darley Newman, as published in her Trail Rider column in True West magazine As I walked among the concession stands at Stampede Park, I was continually surprised by what I saw and smelled; fried Oreos, BBQ ribs,… Read more »

Horse Riding Sheep River in Alberta

Darley's Travel Blog — March 22, 2011
Ride the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta's Sheep River by Darley Newman It might seem like a crazy idea--  riding horses twenty miles into the mountains of Southwestern Alberta with a TV production crew and all their high definition equipment-- but we like to get off the beaten… Read more »

Alberta- Homeplace Ranch

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 26, 2010
by Darley Newman. Originally published in True West magazine. The Canadian Pacific Railway’s entrance in 1883 and the government’s offer of free land to homestead enticed people to settle in the prairie province of Alberta, Canada, with the largest influx of agricultural settlement taking place during 1896-1914. In 1912 one… Read more »

Backcountry Riding in Alberta

Expert Equestrian Articles — February 25, 2010
I always like to talk to fellow riders when I am beginning to research a new area to go horseback riding in order to get personal recommendations on great places to ride. During my research on riding in Alberta in preparation for an upcoming Equitrekking film shoot, I was fortunate… Read more »

Alberta Impressions- Day One

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
I am sitting on the porch of Idle Spurs B and B in Black Diamond, Alberta. The sun is shining. It's probably 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the clouds are rolling by in the sky as I sip fresh lemonade. I hope that it's this beautiful tomorrow when we film a… Read more »

Alberta- Anchor D’s Sheep River

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
We are in the car driving to Banff, after taking the day to ride over 20 miles with Dewey and Jan Matthews of Anchor D Outfitting, an equestrian outfitter booked through Equitrekking Travel. 20 miles may not seem like a lot to you, but when you’re doing it through varied… Read more »

Alberta- Buzzard’s Calgary

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
If you visit Calgary, there’s a very unique experience at Buzzard’s Restaurant. Besides the really good food, you can try well-prepared Prairie Oysters, known by some as Rocky Mountain Oysters. It was once a delicacy in Alberta. You might be able to guess where they come from. (They are bull… Read more »

Alberta- Homeplace Ranch

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
I just finished the day at historic Homeplace Ranch riding with Mac MaKenny. Mac’s place is freindly and serene with nice, well loved horses and plenty of room to ride. We only scratched the surface on our ride through forests of Aspen to a conservation area with a peaceful lake… Read more »

Alberta- Calgary Stampede

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
We saw a lot at the Calgary Stampede. There is a lot going on at this 10-day summer event that around 120,000 people attend each day. I walked all over the Stampede, interviewing folks about their horses and passions. I ate a lot of fried goodness, including fried jelly beans… Read more »

Quebec City Old Port Market

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
I ventured to the old port market, which is a farmers market of regional products from throughout Quebec, located down by the St. Lawrence River. The neat thing about this market is that local people from Quebec City actually do shop here. I basically ate my way through the market,… Read more »