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A Caribbean Equestrian Vacation in Jamaica

Equestrian Travel Articles — October 10, 2015
From swimming with dolphins to sunsets, top things to see and do at Jamaica's Half Moon Resort on your equestrian vacation. by Caroline Maffry Morning breakfast was served on our private porch overlooking our private beach. Still basking in delight from our swim with the horses, today we were off… Read more »

Horseback Riding in the Ocean at Jamaica’s Half Moon Resort

Equestrian Travel Articles — October 10, 2015
Equitrekking's Caroline Maffry takes her daugther swimming on horseback on a Caribbean equestrian vacation in Jamaica. by Caroline Maffry “On the count of three, we are all going to reach for the manes and pull ourselves up on to our horse’s back. The horses will step onto the seabed momentarily… Read more »

Horseback Riding Belgium’s Beaches

Equestrian Travel Articles — January 25, 2015
Learn about beach riding on the shore of the North Sea in Belgium.  by Yulia Frolova Of course, knowing that I would go to Belgium to see the shrimp fishing on horseback, I asked if there was any way to take part in the fishing itself, but I was told… Read more »

Donegal Beach Ride in Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — March 17, 2012
Donegal, Ireland is blessed with some of the widest and most enticing beaches for horse riding in the world. by Darley Newman The beaches of northwestern Ireland, in County Donegal, are great for horseback riding and surfing. I'm doing both from the beach town of Bundoran, a top European surf… Read more »

Pirates Beach Riding in Rocha, Uruguay

Darley's Travel Blog — March 7, 2012
Ride horses on the beaches of the Rocha Province in Uruguay, where the remnants of shipwrecks make for interesting local stories! by Darley Newman Having grown up in a beach area in South Carolina, I am always keen on visiting beaches around the world. Uruguay has some famous beach areas… Read more »

Omey Island Horse Riding in Ireland

Darley's Travel Blog — March 1, 2012
Take an unusual horse ride to Omey Island in the Connemara Region on the Emerland Isle by Darley Newman If you travel to the far West in Connemara in Ireland, about as far West as you can go, check out Cleggan Riding Centre and their interesting ride to mythical Omey Island. Omey… Read more »

Alaska - Seward Beach Ride

Darley's Travel Blog — June 6, 2010
Who would have thought about beach riding in Alaska! I rode with Bree Bardarson of Bardy’s Trail Rides. Bree was born and raised in Alaska and took me through the beautiful natural areas surrounding the town of Seward on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, as well as through areas of devastation caused… Read more »

Ireland- Ring of Kerry Beach Ride

Darley's Travel Blog — May 3, 2010
Julie and I cantered and galloped along some of the widest beaches I've ever seen. We're on the Ring of Kerry Ride in Ireland, and it's beach day. I rode an Irish Cob named Aladdin. Aladdin is the horse that our guide Aoife rode in Equitrekking's Irish Countryside episode. He… Read more »

Costa Rica-  Beach Ride

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Today, we took a sunset beach ride on the Central Pacific Coast, which was beautiful. Monica and Sebastian and I headed off through flat marshland and pastures on the way to the beach. I was on Pinata and Monica rode Perla. The Pacific beaches are a bit more calm and… Read more »

Georgia- Beach Riding on Sea Island

Darley's Travel Blog — February 25, 2010
Well, I am sitting here with a sunburn after a very full day of beach riding on Sea Island. During my ride, Sarah, who was leading our small group of three down a wide sandy beach under a bright blue sky, said that it couldn't get any better than this.… Read more »