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An Alaska Horseback Adventurer- Welcome To My Office!

Equestrian Travel Articles — June 28, 2012
Want to know what it's like to carve a life out in the wilds of Alaska? Learn about an Alaska horse guide, who's been leading riders for over 20 years in the beautiful Wrangell Mountains. by Amber-Lee Dibble   “Is it time?” my trainee asks upon hearing me leaving the tent.… Read more »

Alaska: Riding in the Last Frontier

Equestrian Travel Articles — February 26, 2010
By Diane Oliver After eight days of eating sumptuous foods and not visiting the cruise ship's gym, we were ready for some outdoor fun- horseback riding in one of the last great frontiers, Alaska. We were coming to the end of a wonderful vacation cruising the Alaskan coastline and inland… Read more »