Meet Your Host

Learn about the lives of dude ranch owners and equestrian vacation guides from around the world.

Meet Your Host - Southern Cross Guest Ranch

May 21, 2011
Journey to Central Georgia to experience life on a horse farm at Southern Cross Guest Ranch. Southern Cross Guest Ranch is a horse-lover's destination that you can visit year-round, but March to June each year, when over two dozen foals are born at the ranch, is a special time to… Read more »

Meet Your Ranch Host- Chezacut Wilderness & Ranch Adventures

April 16, 2011
Learn about an organic, working guest ranch in British Columbia and get a simple, but delicious summer dessert recipe! Chezacut Wilderness & Ranch Adventures is a 4,000-acre organically certified and certified biodynamic working cattle ranch set along British Columbia's Chilcotin River. Owned by the Schellenberg family, the ranch offers activities… Read more »

Meet Your Host - Padlock Ranch Working Cattle Ranch

March 14, 2011
Learn about a real working cattle ranch, straddling Montana and Wyoming.    When you visit the historic Padlock Ranch the fact that you stay in a comfortable lodge in Wyoming and saddle up your horses in Montana won't be the only thing that surprises you about this working ranch, which… Read more »

Meet Your Host - Double Rafter Cattle Drives

March 1, 2011
“Compared to us, City Slickers is a pony ride." -- Dana Kerns. Arriving by covered wagon from Missouri in 1887, the Kerns family has a long tradition of raising cattle in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains.  Dana and Alice Kerns, who own and run Doublerafter Cattle Drives, share their Western traditions with… Read more »

Meet Your Host- Vista Verde Guest Ranch

February 9, 2011
Meet Ben Martin, who manages Colorado's Vista Verde Ranch, a luxury resort ranch 25 miles North of Steamboat Springs, Colorado with an emphasis on quality horse riding experiences.  "It is gratifying to hear our guests connecting through shared experiences," said Ben. "I don’t think it is unique to guest ranching,… Read more »

Meet Your Host- Tanzania Luxury Horseback Safaris

February 7, 2011
Meet Alison and Martin, your hosts for the African luxury horseback safarsi. Read about how Alison and Martin grew up, fell in love with horses, Africa, and each other.  Equitrekking: How did you end up in Africa leading horseback safaris? Martin: While in the UK, I was asked to help exercise… Read more »

Meet Your Host- Tod Mountain Ranch, British Columbia

February 3, 2011
Ever wanted to know what it's like to own and run a guest ranch? Find out from Tracey O'Connell, a Dublin, Ireland native who after globe trotting on equestrian vacations, decided to settle down with a ranch of her own. "I've been called crazy and brave, and my venture dismissed… Read more »

Meet Your Host- The Spur Alliance

January 31, 2011
The Spur Alliance is a group of ten unique dude ranches that have been sharing the western lifestyle with guests from around the world for over a combined 500 years in the ranch industry. Started by Tyler Beckley, a third generation cattle and guest rancher whose family owns Three Bars… Read more »