Horse Breed Guide

Discover horse breeds from around the world, including fun horse facts. Find out which horse is right for you!


The Dutch Warmblood (KWPN-NA) Breed Profile

August 28, 2012
Dutch Warmblood (KWPN-NA) horses are competing at some of the highest level equestrian competitions in the world. Dutch Warmbloods are extremely versatile in their athletic abilities and have been bred for charisma and willingness to perform. Equitrekking interviews Willy Arts and Silvia Monas and from KWPN North America about the… Read more »

The Pinto Horse Breed Profile

August 28, 2012
Do you know the difference between the Pinto and the Paint horse? "American Paint horses are limited to registered bloodlines of Paint, American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred horses, whereas the Pinto can be from an array of bloodlines." –PtHA   Learn more about the Pinto in our latest Horse Breed… Read more »

The Paso Fino Horse Breed Profile

July 31, 2012
With its unique gait and distinctive conformation, the Paso Fino is a special breed of horse. Learn about the history and versatility of this smooth, gaited horse. by Raina Paucar Equitrekking interviews Patti Blichmann of the Paso Fino Horse Association to learn more about the Paso Fino. Is the Paso… Read more »

The Shire Horse Breed Profile

July 27, 2012
A a descendant of the Old English Black Horse from mediaeval times, the Shire is considered a "heavy breed" of horse. Despite standing up to 19 hands or more, it has a very gentle disposition. These horses are strong and big-barreled for pulling, but can also be ridden under saddle. Find… Read more »

The American Paint Horse Breed Profile

June 26, 2012
Is the American Paint Horse the right breed for you? This colorful and unique breed of horse has been used throughout American history and is a Hollywood favorite.  Equitrekking interviews Laura Jesberg, Director of Marketing for the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). Laura shares the history of the American Paint Horse and… Read more »

The Arabian Horse Breed Profile

June 19, 2012
Learn the history and characteristics of the Arabian horse. A history of close interaction with people have given Arabians an innate ability to bond with humans. Find out if this is the right breed for you! Equitrekking interviews Hilary Nixon, Communications Coordinator for the Arabian Horse Association. She shares her… Read more »

The Pura Raza EspaƱola Breed Profile

May 23, 2012
Did you know that Pure Spanish Horses are good at fetching? Or that gray or white horses are born black or very dark brown and change color over time? Learn more interesting facts about the Pura Raza Española breed and find out if this is the right horse for you! Equitrekking… Read more »

The Curly Sport Horse Breed Profile

May 21, 2012
Considered to be hypoallergenic to most people–It's the horse breed with a twist. Is the Curly Sport Horse the right breed for you? Equitrekking interviews Linda VavRosky of Creekside Curlies. Linda shares with us the origins and characteristics of this fairly new and truly unique breed of horse.   A young… Read more »

The Morgan Horse Breed Profile

May 9, 2012
Is the Morgan the right horse for you? Learn about this stylish mount and famous Morgans from the past. Equitrekking interviews Julie M. Broadway, Executive Director of the American Morgan Horse Association. Julie shares with us some interesting facts and history related to America’s first horse breed, the Morgan.  Photo ©… Read more »

The Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Profile

April 24, 2012
Learn interesting facts about the Rocky Mountain horse an American horse breed. Equitrekking interviews Ron Hatcher, a breeder of Rocky Mountain Horses at his Rebel Ridge Farm. Find out what makes the Rocky Mountain Horse unique as an American horse breed. Is this the right horse breed for you? A rider… Read more »