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Miniature Horses as Service Animals

January 20, 2016
You’ve heard of using dogs as service animals, but what about horses? Learn why mini horses are viable and effective guides. by Jocelyn Pierce The Guide Horse Program was founded in 1999 as an experimental program, to assess how miniature horses could provide assistance to visually impaired people in the… Read more »

How to Get Involved with Equestrian Skijoring

January 16, 2016
If you’re ever wanted to try this daring and fast paced sport, look no further! by Jocelyn Pierce Equestrian Skijoring, now a popular competitive sport, has been around since the 14th century, where it was originally used as a method of travel in Scandinavian countries. Simply put, horse and rider… Read more »

Equestrian Skijoring

December 29, 2015
Love riding? Love skiing? Skijoring may be for you! Learn more about this daring and competitive sport popping up around the U.S. and abroad. by Jocelyn Pierce It was only a matter of time before cowboys in snowy mountain towns grew bored in the off-season and wondered what might happen… Read more »

Halloween Costumes for Horses

October 25, 2015
Spooky or cute, these creative horsey Halloween costumes are lots of fun! Get inspired for this year’s festivities and play dress up with your favorite equine!  Have you ever created a Halloween costume for your horse? We have and know it's a fun way to truly be a team during… Read more »

Al-Marah Arabians: A Legacy Continues

May 26, 2015
From the Arabian Nights Dinner Show to farm tours and interactive experiences at Al-Marah Farms to The Black Stallion Literacy Program, learn about the ways you can get involved with Al-Marah Arabians and their legacy.  By Karen Prell Once upon a time in a beautiful sunny place called Florida, there… Read more »

Military Veterans, PTSD and Horse Therapy

May 24, 2015
by Jocelyn Pierce Throughout the United States’s military history, the horse served bravely alongside man. Horses continued to be important components of combat until the end of World War I when warfare changed completely. Today, horses still help military veterans, though in a different way than their equine predecessors. Equine… Read more »

Horses We Can’t Forget on Memorial Day

May 24, 2015
by Jocelyn Pierce Memorial Day is a day of reflection and remembrance to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives while serving in the military. Perhaps the most largely unrecognized, and sometimes altogether forgotten veterans are the horses that served alongside man. Since the domestication of… Read more »

Interscholastic Equestrian Association: Encouraging Student Riders

February 11, 2015
The IEA’s Executive Director reveals how middle and secondary school kids can enjoy equestrian sports and become better riders. by Darley Newman The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) was formed in 2002 to “ introduce students in private and public middle and secondary schools to equestrian sports.” The brainchild of Roxane… Read more »

More Great Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow

January 30, 2015
Stunning and inspirational equine inspired Instagram Accounts to follow and why we love them. In our first article, 5 Great Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow, we highlighted some of our favorite horse inspired "Instagrammers". This second installment reveals more great equestrian photographers and travelers we're following from our own account @Equitrekking. 1.… Read more »

On the Road to America- Catching up with trainer Ronnie Ford

January 25, 2015
Ronnie Ford is all about helping horses to have a better life with humans. By teaching their human family how to have an ongoing "conversation" with them, his training just happens to help us in all phases of our life when it comes to communicating. You just have to watch… Read more »