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Training Future Equestrians with 4-H Youth Camp

September 24, 2016
An exciting 4-H youth horse camp was recently held at Fort Valley Ranch, located in Fort Valley, Virginia within the beautiful Massanutten Mountain Range and adjacent to the George Washington National Forest. Through a donation and with the help of a few adult members of the Shenandoah Trail Riders and… Read more »

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Horse Photos

September 4, 2016
Kristine Dahms, mastermind behind the increasingly popular Life Between the Ears, shares tips on how to take great travel photos from the saddle. by Kristine Dahms It seems so easy until you try it. You’ve got one hand on the reins, the other on the shutter button. Your horse won’t stand… Read more »

Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol and Getting Involved

August 15, 2016
Learn about this private mounted patrol organization and how you and your horse can get involved. by Jocelyn Pierce Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol (A&O) is oldest and largest private mounted patrol, regularly providing security at music festivals, shopping centers, sports venues and other event facilities across North America. With… Read more »

Rein in the Rewards with AQHA’s Horseback Riding Program

May 4, 2016
Enroll in AQHA’s Horseback Riding Program today, and earn great rewards for the time you spend working with your horse.                                                            … Read more »

Miniature Horses as Therapy Animals

March 19, 2016
Learn about these pint-sized horses providing comfort to adults and children in hospitals and hospice programs, and members of law enforcement and their families who have experienced traumatic events. by Jocelyn Pierce Studies have shown the health benefits of owning pets. They have been known to help reduce anxiety, lower… Read more »

Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge 2016

March 12, 2016
An entertaining “horsey” diversion to which we can all look forward this year! by Karen Prell So, here we are in late winter of the shiny New Year 2016. Okay, so in some parts of the country its not so shiny–– more like snowbound! But, take heart dear horse lovers.… Read more »

Yoga Stretches for Riders from Cowgirl Yogini Cathy Woods

March 5, 2016
Learn how to become more balanced in the saddle and a better equine partner with these basic yoga stretches for equestrians. by Cathy Woods I am a true believer that yoga practice enhances living on so many levels, making it a practice suitable for everyone. Yoga is a practice of… Read more »

Using Yoga Principles To Improve Horsemanship, From Ground to Saddle

February 28, 2016
Cowgirl and Yogini Cathy Woods shares how to use yoga to become a more aware and conscious rider. by Cathy Woods As a yoga teacher of 26 years and long-time trail rider, it was a natural, organic process that my passions combined, as there are many similarities between the two.… Read more »

Ride and Tie:  Trail Running, Endurance Riding, and Strategy

January 23, 2016
Gain a newfound respect for the meaning of teamwork in this fun and competitive sport. by Jocelyn Pierce Ride and Tie is not your typical endurance ride. A team of one horse and two people race on a predetermined course while taking turns riding and running. Depending on the race,… Read more »

Miniature Horses as Service Animals

January 20, 2016
You’ve heard of using dogs as service animals, but what about horses? Learn why mini horses are viable and effective guides. by Jocelyn Pierce The Guide Horse Program was founded in 1999 as an experimental program, to assess how miniature horses could provide assistance to visually impaired people in the… Read more »