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Sliding Stops & Spins- the Reined Cow Horse Clinic

August 11, 2014
Have you always wanted to try reining or cutting? Saddle up with Horse Show by Appointment as they show you the ropes in their Reined Cow Horse Experience clinic. by Jocelyn Pierce I sat on the palomino quarter horse at the far end of the ring in the twilight. We… Read more »

Thanks Mrs. T- Bazy Tankersley’s influence on the Arabian Horse World

July 21, 2014
The legacy of Arabian horse breeder Bazy Tankersley, known to many in the Arabian horse world as “Mrs. T." by Karen Prell Once in a while an individual comes along who changes a very specific corner of the world and in doing so, changes life for the better for a lot of… Read more »

Curious About Competitive Trail Riding?

July 13, 2014
Curious About Competitive Trail Riding? Learn about this increasingly popular sport and pastime from the American Competitive Trail Horse Association. Whether you are a seasoned trail rider or just thinking of joining the sport of competitive trail riding there are numerous options out there for you, but none with the… Read more »

Riding Tips for All Levels from Expert Equestrian Trainer Jackie Harris

June 9, 2014
A fun and motivating instructor with over 30 years experience teaching riders of all levels, Jackie Harris welcomes riders the stunning Bordeaux wine region of South-West France for equestrian training vacations with Harris Horses. These riding holidays help equestrians improve – both in dressage and over jumps–– all the while… Read more »

5 Great Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow

June 1, 2014
Looking for a little equestrian inspiration to liven up your feed? Look no further than these five Instagram accounts that post creative and beautiful photos of horses. 1. @irishnationalstud Irish National Stud The Irish National Stud, located in County Kildare in Ireland is a working breeding farm and home to… Read more »

A New Kind of Equestrian Park for a New Kind of Rider- Part 1

May 7, 2014
Filling the void - A delightful suburban equestrian venue that offers après-riding amenities in a scenic garden park. by Juliette Ober This past weekend my husband, Brian, and I found a few minutes to catch a glimpse of the final round of the Masters Tournament and immediately our golfer envy… Read more »

The Theme Park Redesigned to be a Horse Park- Part 2

May 7, 2014
A vision for the ultimate horse community. by Juliette Ober Quaint gardens in a Disney park beg for real (as opposed to carousel) horses and riders. Photo Credit Walt Disney visited Tivoli Gardens in Denmark to get ideas for his original (160 acre) Disneyland concept. Tivoli holds many secrets to… Read more »

Desired Amenities for the Ideal Après-Riding Park- Part 3

May 7, 2014
What would be in your ideal equestrian park? Perhaps little cafes in a park as beautiful as a golf course? Flower-bedecked lanes and quaint bridges? Read below for more of equestrian Juliette Ober's dream horse park. by Juliette Ober The French prefix après- means after - specifically the time period… Read more »

Riding in this Equestrian Garden Might Rescue Us All- Part 4

May 7, 2014
This dream equestrian park doesn’t actually exist, but if Brian and I have our way, someday golfers won’t be the only ones with landscaped spaces in which to recreate. And, this equestrian garden could subtly be offering more than just recreation. by Juliette Ober I have a theory that an… Read more »

Rejuvenation through a Horseback Riding Fitness Vacation in Alaska

March 6, 2014
An Alaska guide, U.S. Navy Veteran and fitness enthusiast on why horseback riding is so good for you and so good in the wilds of Alaska. Anyone who has ridden a horse knows that it’s a workout for the body, mind and soul, which is why we here at Equitrekking… Read more »