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Articles and interviews related to helping unwanted horses find homes and retraining off-the-track Thoroughbreds (OTTB’s) and other breeds for second careers.


Chiropractic Work On Your OTTB

June 21, 2012
Did you know that horses can have chiropractors––just like humans? Many ex-racehorses suffer from the residual effects of untreated injures. Here's how a visit from an equine chiropractor might help! My ex-racehorse Bahamut's first visit with an equine chiropractor While riding Bahamut, I could feel he was off in his… Read more »

Inside Horse Racing with Trainer and Author Glenn Thompson

June 8, 2012
Raina Paucar interviews Glenn Thompson, a Thoroughbred race horse trainer and author of the book “The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings.” In this very candid interview, Glenn discusses some of the controversial topics surrounding America’s Thoroughbred horse racing industry. Thoroughbred race horse trainer and author Glenn Thompson… Read more »

Lisa Molloy– OTTB Trainer with Ex-Racehorse Adoption Program

May 26, 2012
Lisa Molloy shares her story of how she became involved with horses and the retraining of OTTB's (off-the-track-Thoroughbreds) through New Vocations. She has a high success rate of placing many of her retrained ex-racehorses into the right adoptive homes. Learn what it's like in Lisa's daily life with re-schooling, rehabilitating… Read more »

Groundwork for a Calm, Cool, Collected Horse

May 16, 2012
My strategy for a calm, cool and collected horse–– groundwork exercises that I do with my ex-racehorse Bahamut. Since Equine Affaire I’ve taken some time off to asses where Bahamut is in his training. After reviewing his performance in the clinic, I’ve decided to go back to ground work and… Read more »

A Quick Juice Drink for the Active Equestrian

May 9, 2012
For the active equestrian who wants more energy and vitality, here is a simple recipe for a juice drink. You can make this drink before you go riding or have one after a long day on the trails. "Carrot-Apple Cleanser" juice drink / Raina Paucar   by Raina Paucar Some… Read more »

A Horse Racing Family’s Perspective on “Breakdown”

May 3, 2012
A former professional female jockey from a horse racing family responds to The New York Times BREAKDOWN series.  Raina and her ex-racehorse, Bahamut / ©Edgar Paucar The recent articles in The New York Times series: BREAKDOWN Death and disarray at America’s racetracks is highly disturbing to many people who have… Read more »

Horse Adoption Story: Angie Sanchez and her ex-racehorse Harley

April 30, 2012
Equitrekking is featuring a new series called, "Horse Adoption Stories." This month we profile Angie Sanchez and her OTTB (off-the-track-Thoroughbed) Harley. Angie shares their yearlong journey of recovery, retraining and new career goals. Learn what it's been like for Angie and Harley from the racetrack to the farm.  Angie and… Read more »

Olympic Silver Medalist, Peter Leone Rides Bahamut an OTTB at Equine Affaire

April 16, 2012
Bahamut, my adopted OTTB (off-the-track-Thoroughbred), has never been to a show or a clinic. He’s been off-of-the-racetrack for six months. During this time, I’ve been working with him daily, training him with a variety of exercises; such as desensitizing, lunging, flatwork and jumping. He’s been excelling at everything I have presented… Read more »

Preparing Bahamut for Ride with the Best at Equine Affaire and Peter Leone

April 9, 2012
When I submitted an application for a Peter Leone, Ride with the Best Clinic at Equine Affaire, I honestly didn’t expect to selected. I’ve always admired Peter Leone. He’s an Olympic Silver Medalist and still continues to win at prestigious global equestrian events. Bahamut and Raina ©Edgar Paucar So, with… Read more »

Standing at The Mounting Block With Your OTTB

April 5, 2012
There was a time when I could place my left foot lightly in the irons and spring up like a pogo stick. Well, those days are long gone for me. If I try to do that nowadays, I’ll hear a snap, crackle, pop and have something sore the next day.… Read more »