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Beach Riding at Its Best in Mozambique

January 21, 2018
Sun, sea, sand and steady steeds. All of life’s necessities on one beach. Jan Norman pricks her ears in anticipation. The rhythmic splat of hooves striking wet sand on an endless beach peppered with colorful wooden boats, flocks of herons, waving fisherfolk, two haughty camels and absolutely nothing else. Our… Read more »

Trail Ride Bucket List

January 3, 2018
Equitrekking contributor and equestrian travel expert Stacey Stearns shares her ultimate trail riding bucket list.  By Stacey Stearns "Bucket list" is an informal noun defined as “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.” I don’t have a regular bucket list,… Read more »

5 Riding Destinations for Getting in Shape in the New Year

December 26, 2017
Does your New Year's resolution involve getting in shape and spending more time in the saddle? Here is Equitrekking.com's top five guide to the best riding destinations for jump-starting your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  The beginning of the new year is a great time to dedicate yourself to getting in shape.… Read more »

Equitrekking’s Most Popular Articles of 2017

December 26, 2017
As we prepare to say goodbye to 2017, Equitrekking.com takes a look back at the most popular articles of the year, as determined by your clicks.  What a busy year! What better way to bid farewell to 2017 than to look back on our most popular posts of 2017. From… Read more »

The Gift of a Trail Ride

December 20, 2017
Equitrekking contributor and competitive trail rider Stacey Stearns remembers a fateful gift that restored her confidence and inspired her lifelong love of trail riding.  By Stacey Stearns I hated trail riding when I was growing up. I always had “hot” horses, and while they honed my equitation skills, their behavior… Read more »

Riding on Vacation: Exploring the World Between Two Ears

December 20, 2017
Whether you are on vacation or traveling for work, why not make time for an equestrian adventure? From trail riding in Glacier National Park in Montana to horseback riding through the mountains of Peru, Equitrekking contributor Stacey Stearns has seen the world from horseback. Here she shares moments from some… Read more »

Ride to Mount Etna: Exploring Sicily on Horseback

December 10, 2017
USEF judge and author Ann Jamieson recounts a once in a lifetime horseback riding trek across Sicily.  At first, it is far away in the background, seemingly unreachable. Mount Etna with the city of Catania in the foreground. Photo courtesy Wikipedia. Mt. Etna, at 10,900 feet above sea level, dominates the… Read more »

Christmas in Middleburg

December 3, 2017
Middleburg’s annual Christmas celebration is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and horses in beautiful Virginia hunt country! by Jocelyn Pierce I set off to explore the hunt country capital for the annual Christmas tradition, which takes place the first Saturday in December every year. Middleburg, Virginia is a… Read more »

Horseback Riding at Battle Hill Farm Forest Park in New Zealand

December 3, 2017
Equitrekking contributor Andi Vailalo describes her favorite training trails at Battle Hill Farm Forest Park in Wellington, New Zealand.  Going past The Deer Farm – Battle Hill Farm Forest Park. Photo by Andi Vailalo. From battles fought to an equestrian adventure, Battle Hill Farm Forest Park in Wellington, New Zealand, is steeped in rich… Read more »

Six-Day Pack Trip in Yellowstone’s Backcountry

November 30, 2017
An adventurous mother and daughter duo set out on a six-day packing adventure through the rugged wilderness of Yellowstone National Park.  By Lisa Florey How many septuagenarians do you know who would trek 80-odd miles through a remote wilderness on horseback, sleeping in a tent each night? I know one!… Read more »