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Who Decides When A Horse Is No Longer Useful? Pie’s Story

February 25, 2013
by Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo. This is the story of a 25-year-old ranch horse that was injured and pretty much left to die. He was brought to a stable and sold even though no one really expected him to survive. He was reborn into a merchant of hope. His amazing spirit… Read more »

Horse Riding the Chianti Trails in Tuscany, Italy

February 24, 2013
A horse riding guide from Castellare di Tonda describes her favorite trek, halfway between Florence and Siena in the heart of Tuscany. written by Jess Morton photos by Christiane Slawik and Nate Wade The horses waited patiently while riders smeared sunblock over their arms and noses. The saddlebags were packed… Read more »

Montana Horse Roundup Photo Journey

February 17, 2013
A Toronto based photographer heads to the American West to capture cowboy culture during an iconic Montana horse roundup. by Manuela Stefan One quiet evening in the fall of last year, I was browsing the Internet looking for places where wild Mustangs run free. Out of the blue and for no… Read more »

Horse Ride Under the Hollywood Sign

February 11, 2013
Take a ride through Griffith Park, home of the famous Hollywood Sign, setting for many TV productions, and land of celebrity sightings. by Karen Braschayko  On a clear day, downtown Los Angeles is visible from the park's trails. Photo courtesy Sunset Ranch Hollywood. The Hollywood Hills surprised me. Maybe it… Read more »

Horses in Old Sacramento, California

January 30, 2013
Experience a living tribute to the Old West in California’s capital. by Karen Braschayko   My first thought when arriving in Old Sacramento was – how uncomfortable would cobblestones have been in a carriage? Even crawling over them in my rental car with modern suspension, it felt pretty rocky, so… Read more »

Equitrekking’s Guide to International Horse Museums

January 28, 2013
Interested in taking in a little horse culture on your next travel adventures? Check out Equitrekking's Guide to International Horse Museums, featuring great museums dedicated to horses, with equine related collections and even live demonstrations.  After the popularity of the Equitrekking Guide to U.S. Horse Museums, we decided to go abroad… Read more »

Horse Riding on Monterey Bay, California

January 28, 2013
My first horseback ride on the beach was thrilling and magnificent. by Karen Braschayko Watching Darley Newman’s many beach rides on Equitrekking has always made me a smidge jealous and invited me to wonder what it would be like to experience one for myself. The Black Stallion and other movies… Read more »

Luxury & Comfort at a Colorado Dude Ranch

January 27, 2013
Sponsored Content If you love the idea of living the cowboy life by day while cozying up in a comfortable cabin or lodge room by night, then Colorado Guest Ranches have a treat for you. Here are a few examples how Colorado Dude Ranches spell luxury: • 27 Colorado Ranches are… Read more »

Vermont Horse Riding & Winter Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

January 17, 2013
Might you be thinking about where to vacation next? Read about my recent winter holiday in Vermont to enjoy horseback riding, dog sledding, skiing, and dashing through the snow on a horse-drawn sleigh ride, and I guarantee you’ll be booking your own Vermont winter experience! by Caroline Maffry If you… Read more »

The Wild Mustangs of Montgomery Pass- Up Close and Personal

January 16, 2013
A Close Encounter of the Wild Mustang Kind. My travel and educational adventures with Mustangs a Living Legend, part of UC Davis Extension. written by June Wynhoff with photos by June Wynhoff When presented with the opportunity to participate in the UC Davis Extension Program: Mustangs a Living Legend, I never… Read more »