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7 Guest Ranches That Offer Top-Notch Skiing

January 31, 2016
Learn about these seven ranches that offer incredible skiing outside their back door for a memorable winter vacation. Skate, classic, backcountry, alpine-you name it, they have it! by Jocelyn Pierce Maybe you want to combine a dude ranch vacation with world class skiing. Or, maybe you want the amenities of… Read more »

My Week in the Horse Capital of the World: Ocala, Florida

January 28, 2016
A fun-filled week of polo, trail riding, BBQ's and beyond makes for a memorable vacation in Ocala, Florida. By Tiffany Burns Pretty white horse in a paddock at BG Ranch in Ocala. 90 miles north of Walt Disney World, landlocked central Florida was not where I expected to find a… Read more »

Most Popular Equitrekking Articles of 2015

December 26, 2015
The most popular articles, as measured by your clicks, on Equitrekking.com in 2015. by Darley Newman Your top 10 picks were diverse, including great places to horseback ride across the USA, Africa, ranches for single travelers and more. What do you want to see more of in 2016? Tell us… Read more »

Making the Time to Get in the Saddle

December 15, 2015
An entrepreneur and mom shares how she makes time to ride, including on recent trips to Ireland, Bermuda and California. by Gretchen Learman Burrier If you are reading this article on equitrekking.com you likely already agree with me – there’s nothing better than being at the barn. Growing up, my friends… Read more »

Christmas in Middleburg

December 8, 2015
Middleburg’s annual Christmas celebration is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and horses in beautiful Virginia hunt country! by Jocelyn Pierce I set off to explore the hunt country capital for the annual Christmas tradition, which took place from December 4-6 this year. Middleburg, Virginia is a horse person’s… Read more »

Riding in the Highlands Above Bogota

November 27, 2015
A horseback riding adventure just an hour from Bogota with good horses and beautiful views. by Miguel Gonzalez When one travels to Bogotá, horseback riding usually isn’t on the top ten list of things to do. Bogota, a very historic city, with incredible history and sights such as the Museum of… Read more »

Spain’s El Rocío and Atlantic Coast Photo Journey

November 17, 2015
Beautiful images from Spain’s Atlantic Coast, ancient pilgrimage roads, and Doñana National Park! Ride magnificent Andalusian horses in this area of ancient culture and equestrian tradition. Discover beautiful scenery on exciting and varied rides on this holiday, which begins on ancient pilgrimage roads through quaint villages to El Rocío. On… Read more »

Multi-Adventure Guest Ranches

November 4, 2015
Want more than horseback riding on your next ranch vacation? These destinations offer great adventure options for thrill seekers. by Jocelyn Pierce Rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking, and even helicopter tours are just a few of the adventure activities that these ranches offer. Set in incredible landscapes, with… Read more »

Exploring Half Moon Resort in Jamaica

October 10, 2015
Caroline and her daugther continue their adventures in Jamaica, including visiting the spa, golf and cuisine. by Caroline Maffry Between swimming with the horses and dolphin swim encounter, we spent our time exploring everything else the resort had to offer. The paths were exclusive to foot traffic, golf carts, and… Read more »

A Caribbean Equestrian Vacation in Jamaica

October 10, 2015
From swimming with dolphins to sunsets, top things to see and do at Jamaica's Half Moon Resort on your equestrian vacation. by Caroline Maffry Morning breakfast was served on our private porch overlooking our private beach. Still basking in delight from our swim with the horses, today we were off… Read more »