Upcoming Equestrian Events & Programs at Castle Leslie in Ireland

September 12, 2017

The fall is a spectacular time to visit Ireland and with Castle Leslie hosting a variety of special equestrian events, it makes the season even more enticing.

Located in Glaslough, County Monaghan, just an 80 minutes drive from Dublin and 60 minutes from Belfast, this luxury equestrian getaway often hosts special British Horse Society training courses, dressage clinics and equestrian offerings for younger riders. We particularly like the concept of owning a pony for a week, so kids can get immersed in what it takes to care for a pony, including grooming, mucking out stalls, checking your pony for injuries and wellness and more. 

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Castle Leslie is not only a visually stunning and intersting place to stay, the property has a rich history. The Leslie Family arrived in Ireland in the 16th Century and brought the Castle at that time. Today, they run the estate as a castle hotel with family member Sammy Leslie, an equestrian, managing the estate, which is governed by a Family Trust.

Castle Leslie Ireland estate

Castle Leslie Upcoming Equestrian Events

British Horse Society (BHS) Stage 4 Training
19th September 2017
Stage 4 training with Carol Broad, FBHS.

Career Progression Development Day (CPD)
20th September 2017
Training with Carol Broad, FBHS.

Dressage Evening
21st September 2017
Starts at 6pm
Tests: Intro B and Prelim 14

BHS Stage 2 Exam
13th October 2017
Yard closed to the public. 

Castle Leslie Ireland horses

Own a Pony for a Day
21st October 2017
Get the opportunity to 'Own a Pony for a Day'. This session is for beginner children only and a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a riding vacation at Castle Leslie.
Children will get the opportunity to muck out, groom, tack out and ride.
Popular with mother/ daughter groups, spaces are limited and booking is essential.

Own a Pony for a Week
30th October - 3rd November 2017
Get the opportunity to 'Own a Pony for a Week'. This session is for advanced children only.
Children will get the opportunity to muck out, groom, tack out and ride.
Spaces are limited and booking is essential.

Castle Leslie Ireland horseback

Learn more about Castle Leslie on their website and at EquitrekkingTravel.com, where you can contact Julie, our preferred USA agent, for questions and booking.

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