Quebec Horseback Riding Ranches Video

February 7, 2012

Horse ride in the snow and among the colorful changing leaves at Quebec Ranches in this Equitrekking video tour.

by Darley Newman

Horse Riding Ranches in Quebec incorporate French flavor and culture along with year round riding. Whether you travel to take in the changing leaves of the fall in Quebec’s Appalachian area or to dash through the snow near the ski area of Mont Tremblant, you’ll appreciate a cozy fire at the end of each day. Learn more in Equitrekking's Quebec ranches video tour.

People have been coming to Quebec’s Appalachian mountains to search for gold since the 1800’s and you can too if you saddle up at Ranch Massif du Sud or another area ranch.

In the Laurentian Mountains, snow doesn’t stop locals and travelers from riding the area’s well-groomed trails and beyond with a local ranch like Ranch Mont Tremblant, which welcomes guests to ride in the winter, when the conditions allow. 

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