Horseback-riding tradition in France added to the UN heritage list

November 28, 2011

Horseback-riding tradition in France and the Czech "Ride of the Kings" added to the UN-backed list of world's outstanding examples of intangible heritage.

by Darley Newman

A 24-member intergovernmental committee has included horseback-riding tradition in France and the Ride of the Kings in the Czech Republic on the United Nations-backed list of the world's outstanding examples of intangible heritage.

"Equitation in the French tradition," a school of horseback riding that emphasizes harmonious relations between humans and horses is studied throughout France and other parts of the world, but its best known community is the Cadre Noir of Saumur, based at the National School of Equitation.


The Ride of the Kings, a yearly folklore festival in four towns in south-eastern Czech Republic held to mark the Christian feast of Pentecost, was also included. It's traditions date back to the early 1800's.


Ride of the Kings, Czech Repulic

The ride is still held in four villages in the Slovácko region 

Ride of Kings

This festival is a colorful celebration that organizers worked hard to have recognized by the UN. Photo credit CTK.


Learn more about this story at the UN News Centre. Learn more about the Ride of Kings.

Learn more about horse riding holidays in France at, including riding vacations in Provence and Dordogne.

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